How to do business without investing money

How to do business

Can you start your business without money? If your answer is yes, tell us how to do business without investing money. Is it really possible? From my point of view, it is possible, although a bit of skill and some creative business ideas are required to achieve it.

In today’s article, I want to break the myth that money is always needed to invest.

I think the correct way to approach this phrase would be to say:


What I will explain below is not something that can be done from one day to the next and without having some creative business ideas (or financial intelligence); it is possible to create a business without investing money.

Next, I will explain how to create a business without putting money from the point of view of contacts, negotiation and opportunities.

How to do business without putting money?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES.

But it is not an easy yes since it is necessary that we are in constant movement, because you want or not that activity is part of the essence of the investor.

The investor is always well informed, on the move, trained and surrounded by contacts or opportunities.

Let’s start then to see how we could start generating a business or investment without putting money out of our pocket.

How to do business

# 1 – You have to know how to search and find opportunities

Surely at this time, you think there are not many creative business opportunities around you.

This phenomenon is usually called “selective perception”.

It happens that when one is not very aware of an issue or directly does not care for several reasons, fail to find opportunities.

It also happens the other way around. When you’re soaked in a subject, you see opportunities everywhere.

With investments or business, the same thing happens. If you do not have money in your pocket, surely you do not worry about looking for opportunities to do business or invest. But the opportunities are and still exist, from entrepreneurs who want someone to invest in them, constructions that need investors, and businesses that need an injection of capital. There are many pending things out there but we do not realize them.

So, the first thing we should do is start looking for some creative business opportunities, be informed and be aware of all the information that is possible.

The first difference you will notice is that you will start applying your creativity a bit more to see how to use that opportunity.

This is perfect, so you’ll start to have more experience from business creativity to calculating numbers.

# 2- Exploit your creative business ideas

As I mentioned earlier, the other side of looking for opportunities is to start looking for ways in which we can use that opportunity.

Do not stay stuck in that opportunity cannot use it for not having money, but you have to think that you could have a benefit directly or indirectly without putting money.

Later I will show some examples to clarify this point.

How to do business

# 3 – Take advantage of the power of networking (Contacts)

And the step that is also important in relation to doing business without investing money is to be in contact with several nodes (People) in life and have a good network of contacts in a way that can range from asking for help to offering opportunities found.

So basically you should create a micro system from which you can make some profit.

And that benefit can be, doing business without putting money.

Business examples without putting money

Next, I want to leave you some creative business ideas or examples of creativity, knowing how to find creative business opportunities and with a good network of contacts.  You could get the clue on how to do business without investing money.

It may seem impossible, but believe me … IT IS POSSIBLE.

# 1 – The apartment complex

Let’s say that an acquaintance of yours is about to build a very interesting apartment complex. After taking the calculations and developing the business plan, he decides to look for investors to finance his project.

Your friend, informs you of this situation in case you want to take advantage of it, but you realize that the minimum amount (because there are no shares in this example) is 50,000 dollars, which you do not have.

However, after thinking for a while, remember that you have direct contact with a person who usually invests and has that capital to invest. And here begins your creative business ideas on your part.

On the one hand, you can negotiate with your friend who wants to build the apartment complex and arrange for you to pay a small commission to get a trusted investor. After sometimes, your friend cannot get investors and are desperate in your company. Here you are about to know how to do business without investing money.  After finding this kind of creative business opportunities, you can arrange to get one or more investors from your contact network, with the condition that you leave an apartment.

The good thing about this case is that this department may be for the company about 1000 dollars of rent that will not earn per month, but for you those 1000 dollars a month, can make a big difference in your financial situation.

While this example is a bit crazy, it happens in real life. I have known many cases of people who appeal to their network of contacts, help a project to come out and in the process receive commissions.

The fact is that to achieve these things you have to be in constant movement, improve your business skills, generate contacts, trust and always think creatively how to get opportunities.

How to do business

# 2 – Creative business opportunities came in the computer business

Juan has a computer business but because the area was filled with competitors he decided to close his business because it generated a constant loss.

Juan had 10 computers left and started offering them to his friends and acquaintances.

One day Pepe called him and told him that he had an idea to make those computers generate him a monthly cash flow and that in case the business goes wrong, he could sell them.

Pepe contacted Luis who had a very new cybercafé in which he had plenty of space and also his machines were outdated, so Pepe offered to renew the machines and keep 50% of what they generated. Obviously, Luís realized that the arrangement was not bad since he could in this way get more people to go to the cybercafé to use games.  Obviously, it is a clear business opportunity and in the process, he can earn money by offering cafeteria, soda and other services. It is a perfect example of how to do business without investing money.

After this Pepe arranged with Juan that if he gave him the computers he would give him 35% of what they generate in a cybercafé every month.

The story ended well, Juan, managed to have a good income every month for the 10 computers, Pepe earned in turn 15% of what they generated and Luis improved the business without putting a penny in machines.

Let’s see a bit the numbers of this case, I do not have the real data but I will try to calculate more.

  • Suppose that each machine is $ 2000 dollars
  • Juan then had 10 machines, so if he sold them he could earn about $ 20,000
  • These computers generated Luis every day about $ 20 dollars. Per month the 10 new computers generated about $ 2400.
  • With that amount per month, it was left to Juan (owner of computers) $ 840 per month, Pepe (intermediary) $ 360 per month and Luis (owner of cyber) $ 1200 per month.

While the numbers are by way of example and are not real, the important thing is to realize the benefit that I believe Pepe without putting a penny.

Obviously, a cybercafé not only wins by machines, but by impressions, cafeteria service and others.

The interesting point is to see how someone can generate profit and in this case a flow of money without putting a penny. The first time I heard this anecdote I was surprised by the creativity of the intermediary.


Finally, this entry is to try to show that you do not always need to put money to do business. Now you know how to do business with little creative business ideas, good contacts and some creative business opportunities.

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