What Hotel Businesses Need to Know About Local Searches

It is important that hotels understand how vital their local SEO is for their business. When potential travellers are searching for a specific location and place to stay, they will look to search engines to help inform their decisions.

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Travellers will also use search engines to establish the location of the hotel in relation to where they need to be. Ensuring your hotel is accurately listed could make the difference between getting bookings or not.

Correct Contact Details

Make sure that the basic contact information is displayed on your website and is easy to find. Contact names, numbers and full postal address are not only essential for bookings but also to make sure your hotel is found in search listings.

Likewise, ensure that your URL and contact details are identical across all other websites where you might be listed. Spelling errors can impact your search engine ranking. If you do find you need to change any of the contact information, ensure you do so across all sites. Keeping a track of where all of your information is held is a good way to make sure any changes do happen across all sources.

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You can also manage your own Google listing to make sure the information and images are correct. Don’t forget to also include Bing for your listing. It can feel that SEO is a full-time job and there are companies, such as Ryco Marketing, that support this.

Your website copy also needs to make good use of your location. Support your potential guests by writing about what they can do in the local area. Local content, such as SEO Belfast, will help make your website content relevant.

Mobile Site

Ensure that your website is optimised for all devices. Websites which are slow to load on mobiles may not rank as well as those which are not.

Google says that most travel research is taking place on mobile phones, so ensuring your local content is available on mobiles is an essential part of your SEO strategy.

Finally, ensuring that you are giving customers regular content about your local area and giving them a reason to visit is not just good for your SEO but good for your business as a whole.

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