Your Concealed Carry Responsibilities

You have the right to defend yourself. The use of a firearm for protection is recognized by 44 state constitutions in addition the United States Constitution. When you receive your concealed carry license, you should be both excited and nervous because carrying a concealed weapon has responsibilities.

Learn Your Laws

Before you apply for a concealed carry permit, you should know your state and local laws. CCW laws differ in each state. In addition, some municipalities with the same state have different restrictions. Therefore, you should also search for your local laws. For example, you may search “CCW Madison Heights MI.”

Meet the Requirements

Your state will have specific requirements for a CCW permit. For example, in Michigan, you must be 21 years old, a legal citizen and resident of Michigan and have a clean criminal history. Most states also require that you receive firearms safety and handling training. Additional restrictions may apply to anyone dishonorably discharged from the military. A criminal background check is also required.

Know Your Carry Restrictions

Before you begin carrying your weapon, you should know where you can carry it legally. For example, you are typically restricted from carrying into government buildings and schools. Many businesses also restrict carrying concealed. In addition, you typically cannot carry into sports stadiums, hospitals and casinos.


You are responsible for carrying safely. This means that you conceal your weapon completely when it is on your person. If you have to enter a building where carrying is not legal, you need to store your weapon in a safe inside your vehicle. You also need to have a secure safe at home, and your weapon should be stored in one of these safes when you are not carrying it.

Extensive Training

Not only should you pursue additional gun safety training, but you should also pursue training in evaluating situations. If you pull your weapon, you should be ready to fire, but you need to know that your circumstances warrant such an action.

Consider working with a reputable tactical and training company as you prepare for your concealed carry permit.

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