Jobs for those who love heights

There are many people in the world who have a love for heights, and that love can be turned into a profession.

An example of a job which may include climbing up tall buildings is a firefighter. Firefighters respond to all types of emergencies and accidents but most commonly in homes and buildings, and the cliché of saving a cat stuck up a tall tree.

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Another example is a glazier. This involves installing glass windows on skyscrapers and other buildings. Some glaziers also work lower down to the ground, such as installing glass for ground floor buildings and store fronts.

This could also go hand in hand with being a window cleaner for tall buildings and skyscrapers. The job would need to be done by standing on a small platform which hangs from ropes on the side of the building.

It’s also crucial for TV aerial installers to not have a fear of heights. They usually climb onto the roofs of houses to install the aerials, and most commonly on slopping roofs which can be extra exhilarating. TV aerial installation Cheltenham company Steve Unett Aerials can help with installation needs.

One of the most obvious jobs is, of course, a pilot. Most of the workday would be spent   up to 39,000 feet in the air, so piloting is considered the “height” of sky- high professions. Pilots tend to fly commercial and airline planes which transports people and cargo in the air. However, there are also more specialised roles such as piloting private charter flights or performing rescue flights for government organisations. A specialised pilot can also fly crop dusters for harvests.

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