How to become a driver

Chapter 8 of the traffic signs manual states that vehicles need chevron markings in order to be safety compliant. These chevrons can be bought on but are not necessary for most vehicles, especially vehicles used by private drivers, as the are too bright. Private drivers usually drive sleek, black cars for wealthy professionals or celebrities. They are often hired by companies to drive all of their important staff or by individuals. They are always expected to remain professional and discreet. They also need to dress well and be polite to their customers.

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Drivers can be paid well for their work but often work long and unpredictable hours, especially for demanding clients that want their drivers available at any time. There are a variety of ways to become a driver, but those with experience in the hospitality business do particularly well. For those looking to become a driver, a good place to start would be to be registered to an agency that can help to match them with clients. Good reviews are very important, and a lot of information is shared between clients through word of mouth. A larger number of clients could mean more money, or one consistent cand wealthy client.

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