Why Shop At a Flea Market

While many may think flea markets are a junk lovers’ paradise, you may be surprised by the posh stuff you can find. Are you going all vegan? Don’t shop at a grocery store where you don’t know where your fruit and veggies are really coming from. Many flea markets include fresh, locally grown organic produce from the farmer himself and all-natural hand-crafted items like at the mega-popular Daytona Beach FL Flea Market.

Flea Markets are a Booming Business

Every weekend in the United States, millions of dollars in cash are exchanged at flea markets and swap meets, which are booming. According to the National Flea Market Association, over 1,100 flea markets exist. Every year, nearly $30 billion is spent by 2.25 million merchants. Every year, more than 150 million people attend the marketplaces. 

Why Shop a Flea Markets?

Flea Markets are the newest trend for buying and selling among young adults today. Also, many consumers are looking for deals in a bad economy. They have a limited monthly budget and try to get the most bang for their buck. Flea markets have evolved beyond being glorified junkyards for antiques. At a flea market, you may often find the items you would find in a store for a lower price. You never know what you’ll find at a flea market or swap meet, from brand new Tupperware to Watkins Spices to Avon and Mary Kay cosmetics and even Miche designer purses. The main takeaway is bargains, bargains, bargains!

Flea Markets often also include entertainment and food vendors for those who don’t want to stop shopping. Find a flea market near you for a fun-filled day of shopping!

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