How to maximise space in industrial units

Warehouse News recently described an ideal commercial world in which companies wouldn’t need pallet racks because they wouldn’t be holding any stock. It seems unlikely that this will ever come to pass unless every household prints everything it needs using its own 3D printer. And that may prove problematic when it comes to corn flakes and tea bags.

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The article goes on to admit that businesses need to meet their customers’ demands, and having stock ready to move, is key to achieving that goal.

So businesses need storage and when it comes to warehouse storage, pallet rack systems have got numerous advantages, often avoiding the need to invest in expensive new storage space –

Racking economises on space

The ability to build pallet racks upwards, minimises the footprint while maximising the use of the storage space, using the width, length and height of the warehouse to the maximum. In addition, employees have to move around less, as racks can be organised so that related goods in terms of picking, are stored together.

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Different types of racking

There are two types of pallet racks: fixed and adjustable. The fixed pallet racks are cheaper but adjustable units are a good investment because the racks can be expanded if required. With fixed racks, you’re looking at replacing the rack with a larger one. Metal racking systems can be produced in large scales now that manufacturing industry can make the most of equipment such as the Tapping Machines that are available from Cotswold Machinery which allow for metal to be shaped  as required in large quantities. Gone are the days of having to do this by hand.

Strong and professional looking

If you’re working with customers who want to come and see your operation before they commit, pallet racks look a hundred times better than stacks of boxes piled up. It gives a professional and organised impression and will convince other people that you take order fulfilment seriously. The same applies with your own suppliers, who can see that their products are properly handled and supplied to the end customer in good condition.

Pallet racks come in various materials and strengths. Stainless steel racks look great, are very strong and will last for a long time. Don’t overlook used pallet racking either – you may be able to get more storage by buying second hand, and these racks have proved that they are strong and resilient in service.

A reputable supplier will be able to show you new and used pallet racks and explain the difference between long shelf racks and industrial pallet racks.

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