How to weatherproof a wedding

The possibility of bad weather is a factor that must be considered when planning a wedding in the UK. Here are some tips on how to keep the weather from ruining your wedding plans.

When choosing an event venue, consider the weather.

Your venue or marquee should be large enough to provide shelter for everyone. Your guests will enjoy themselves anywhere as long as they are kept warm and dry. If you are having a marquee make sure that it has sides which can be lowered if the weather changes to windy and rainy. If you choose a Kent Barn Wedding, consider

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Stock up on some brollies and wellies

Do not fear the weather, but embrace it. You should have an ample supply of umbrellas on hand and encourage guests to wear wellies if inclement weather is predicted. This is especially important if the venue is outside. Consider putting your name and the date on brightly colored brollies that people can keep as a souvenir. You can also get your photographer to take some stunning photos of guests using their brollies.

A romantic picture of you and your partner under an umbrella is also a great shot. Photographers love stormy skies because they provide the perfect lighting. Raindrops are stunning, snow is intimate, and wind blowing a veil can be a beautiful shot.

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Don’t worry if your wedding falls in the middle of a summer heatwave. Just make sure you have plenty of fans and water around the venue. Your summery photos will be stunning, but make sure that those in morning suits and elderly relatives are kept cool and hydrated.

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