Create a wildlife sanctuary in your garden

You may think that you need to have a lot of space in your garden to attract wildlife. You can easily and affordably attract a variety of wildlife, such as birds or butterflies to your backyard, no matter the size. Here are some ideas to make your garden a wildlife paradise:

Build an insect hotel

We may not be big fans of crawly crawlies, but they are vital to the health of our ecosystems. Buy or build an insect hotel to welcome some minibeasts in your garden. You can make it as simple as tying bamboo canes together or as complex as creating different rooms for each creature.

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Think About It

Why not make the most of your vertical space if you are limited in space? You can encourage flying insects or creepy crawlies by hanging an insect-hotel on a wooden fence. Wall-mounted planters can be used to create a living wall by filling them with flowers. If you need new Fencing Cheltenham, go to


Make sure your garden has plenty of pollen-producing flowers. Plants that are bee- and insect friendly can be grown in window boxes and pots. Find a variety of plants to rotate throughout the year that will produce pollen.

Stock dinner

It’s vital to provide a healthy diet for wildlife during autumn and winter. This is especially important when the weather conditions are extreme. This doesn’t require a huge garden. Place bird feeders and a bird table in a place where you can watch your feathered friend eat, drink and enjoy themselves. Consider a hanging bird table if you don’t have the space to place one.

Fresh water

Both birds and bees need drinking water. Choose something that has sloped sides so it’s easy to reach. It is essential to do this in hot weather as well as in the winter.

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Have a hedge

Hedges provide a safe haven for animals and insects. Hedgehogs are able to navigate through hedges, whereas a solid wall will stop animals from moving. You can help wildlife by planting a hedge along your border. Choose hedges with berries to provide food for wildlife.

Install a pond

Dig a small pond if you want to attract toads, frogs and other wildlife. A small pond can also add some interest to your garden. Why not reuse an old sink if you are really short on space? Nature will take care of the rest if you add a few aquatic plants!

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