Common Concrete Mistakes

It may seem that laying concrete is difficult, but it is not. However, it does require some preparation. The whole process includes: mix design and quantity decisions, site preparation, tool acquisition, weather forecasts, placing, and curing. Here are the top concrete pouring mistakes:

The amount required is underestimated

A big mistake is to underestimate the thickness of the concrete required for the project. It doesn’t really matter if you are only using the concrete for display or decoration, or if it is not intended to be a load bearing material. Dimensions are important for everything else. For example, flooring, driveways or foundations. The thickness required depends on how much weight the concrete is expected to support.

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The wrong tools

Concrete can only be worked upon for a short time after it has been poured. The wrong tools can lead to a poor job, wasted money, and inefficient work. Preparation is essential as there is no time to rush off to the DIY store and test out new tools. The most common tools required are industrial wheelbarrows and concrete trowels. Why not leave the job to professionals? For Concrete Cheltenham, go to Monster Mix

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Pouring concrete during bad weather

Pouring concrete on a warm, dry day is ideal. In the UK, it’s not easy to wait for one! It is crucial to note that the temperature of concrete in the first two days will determine whether or not it reaches its maximum strength. It will be greatly weakened if it freezes. The water will evaporate too fast if it is too hot. If it is going to be hot, you may want to place sprinklers on it.

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