Financial adviser help maintain financial strength and stability

maintain financial strength

With the rising cost of healthcare, more and more business struggle to find ways to provide employees with the coverage they need without sacrificing their bottom line. In far too many cases, businesses have given up on providing insurance and choose instead to hire employees as 1099 contractors so they do not have to pay for insurance costs.

This practice isn’t fair to the employees or to the businesses. The solution is simple: find an insurance advisor. Insurance advisors like the Captive Insurance Group provide a firm, long-term strategy that helps businesses find ways to control their insurance costs and their bottom line without sacrificing either profit or employee benefits.

Insurance advisors also help maintain financial strength and stability while reducing risk to employees through safety programs and other techniques that help reduce loss. Studies have shown that companies that use insurance advisors have average or better loss histories compared to the companies that do not.

Many insurance advisors provide minimum causality premiums of $150,000, but these amounts can reach and exceed $15 million. If you aren’t sure whether your business could benefit from an insurance advisor, don’t worry. You can.

Nearly every industry can benefit, and many industries you might not think of have made use of advisors. The agricultural business, roofing contractors, gas companies, auto dealerships, and even shuttle and limousine operations all employ insurance advisors to ensure the employees are given the best benefits possible without destroying their budget to make it happen.

The most well-known advisors serve more than 3,600 business and organizations across the country, with more than $2 billion in premiums and more than $5 billion in assets. If you’ve found your company struggling to be a good employer, take the time to contact an insurance advisor today and find out what your options are.

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