Best practices for using security seals

Safety and security are always priorities when transporting and storing goods. You need to ensure the items inside remain in good condition and that no one unauthorised can gain access. Security seals can be a valuable way to protect your cargo, but only if you use them correctly.

What is a security seal?

Security seals close containers and storage units in a tamper-evident way. It is a category that includes labels, tape, plastic cable ties, and metal bolts. Companies such as Acme Seals provide security seals across the full range.

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Recommended best practices:

Pick the right seal

Depending on the cargo and container, you need to decide between metal, plastic and other materials; between a thin tie or a thick bolt; and you need it to be cost-effective. If crossing international borders, your seals must meet customs requirements.

Train staff thoroughly

It is no good choosing the right security seal unless all your staff can apply it properly, check whether it has been disturbed or broken, and identify when one needs to be replaced.

Combine visual and psychological deterrents

Making a container secure is not only about physical security but also about discouraging attempted thefts from happening. Highly visible security seals, along with warning labels and similar, can have a powerful deterrent effect.

Layer your methods

One layer of security, however strong, is easier to break than multiple layers. Where possible, use several different seals. Combining seals, tapes and labels can also create a unique visual appearance, making it easier to spot any tampering.

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Vary your systems

If you continue to use the same security seal every time, there is a possibility that a prospective thief will be able to learn how to break it. Change the size, shape, colour and any codes regularly and unpredictably.

When used properly, security seals can be a highly effective way of protecting inventory. Choosing the right seal, training your staff, mixing and matching your methods and avoiding predictability will ensure the seal is utilised in the best possible way so that no one can illicitly tamper with it.

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