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Pneumatic literally means containing or operated by air or gas, and when it comes to obtaining Pneumatic conveying systems you should always turn to the professional suppliers such as  This award winning, innovative, experienced company offers both vacuum and pressure systems, to coincide with your individual process requirements. There are three specific Phases to choose from, the Lean Phase Pressure Conveying System, the Lean Phase Vacuum Conveying System and the Lean Phase Closed Loop Conveying System.  Their innovative techniques have positively evolved the entire processes allowing A), Low velocity Systems – Air Speed Control, B), Filter-less closed loop, C), Dune Phase Conveying, D) Powder pumping and E) Powder – Liquid dispersion.

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Let’s take this complex process and break it down into parts. A basic vacuum conveying system has a simple metering device at the inlet, a receiver, a pipeline and exhauster. It’s not necessary to fit a more complex rotary valve because there is no positive pressure at the inlet. This means that bigger particles can be put through the system without causing any damage. To ensure the entire process operates smoothly, the receiver should be vacuum tight and securely sealed.

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With in-house automation and sophisticated software capabilities, this experienced, dedicated team of professionals offer commissioning, training and start-up support to back up their extensive range of Pneumatic Conveying Systems. Established for over forty years they definitely possess a wide range of engineering knowledge and knowhow.


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