Creative business ideas of virtual reality in the real estate business

Creative business ideas

Are there any creative business ideas where virtual reality can be implemented?  Real estate sector may be the one we can try these ideas because this is a kind of business that generates a business value to its potential customers as the very best way as possible. There are many individual companies and entrepreneurs that operate in the same area who also want to grab all the customers by providing the best service. So there is always a competition among each other and if you can’t provide the innovative service you will be left behind. The sale process can be time-consuming and sometimes it takes a lot of visits to sell a property. There are a number of processes that you can try to reduce these costs and times deficiency, but remember many of them are not easy to implement and sometimes very costly.

CommonFloor Retina: Virtual Reality Glasses:

The CommonFloor Retina is a virtual reality device, whose base construction remain in cardboard and that may allow you to implement your creative business ideas in real estate business agents to bring virtual reality to the masses. For most people, the agent has to arrange all these processes before making a primary selection. For examples to get the physical visit to a property you have to consider a lot of times, sometimes need to offer some complementary food to your customers and sometimes you have to do a strenuous task for zero results. It’s all bunch of work in this selection process.

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The CommonFloor Retina is a virtual reality device that allows you to simplify the entire process by offering potential buyers virtual reality videos of various properties. Applying this creative business concept you can easily make the first selection quite comfortably.

The CommonFloor Retina is no more than a virtual reality glasses. To get started, users have to download an application to their Smartphone and insert it into their phone device with the application running. Then they just have to hold the glasses in their eyes and immerse themselves in the representations of the properties that are for sale. The user controls the view with the movement of the head which allowing a 360 ° view of each of the corner parts of the property. The goal will be to provide a better understanding of the space, layout, and environment. This device is particularly useful for those who plan to move to distant locations or for those considering the possibility of buying a property that is under construction or still on paper.

Creative business ideas

How to use Glasses for Real Estate:

If we search in the market, we will find a lot of offers of virtual reality glasses for real estate business. Some of them are economical and some of them are too expensive. There are several card solutions out of which we highlight Google’s virtual reality glasses. Just the simple fact is that Google provides a card glasses for virtual reality applications that demonstrate in the market is appetizing. Virtual reality glasses can help in the process of choosing real estate by eliminating costs and unnecessary times for both buyer and seller.

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A creative business that offers this type of service can be very profitable. In addition to the card glasses, we have to consider the cost of creating the virtual reality videos and the costs of hosting the apps in the Google Play and Itunes stores as well. To create virtual reality videos there are many systems that allow you to develop this kind of media. Anyone who wants to start with a simple and economical system, they can shoot through the iPhone and use a real virtual device on their smartphone. Another option you can consider is the use of software that can join the multiple photos in a widescreen format. In this way, you can create a virtual reality video with low cost and use it in presentations to potential clients.

Creative business ideas


Whatever the solution, it is important that you consider all those costs involved factors that could be reduced by applying some creative business ideas. Assuming the size of the market and the value it is prepared to pay for the service is very important. Unique business ideas can boost the new possibilities in the marketplace.


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