Turn your Worse Business Ideas into Creative business ideas in 2017

Creative business ideas

The year is already on his way and will run out quickly. Probably many of us want to start the year 2017 with some creative business ideas, but honestly, there are many businesses ideas already turn out to be unprofitable and you will not succeed believe me. To predict this, we will present you some bad or unprofitable businesses concepts to keep in mind to starting 2017 as a productive year.

Identify unprofitable business Ideas:

There might be many business ideas around you, both good creative business ideas and bad unprofitable business concept. However, for many people, it is a big problem to figure out how to distinguish between both. We make the biggest mistake when we get the very confidence of our ideas and depend on that to get success but the market and others factor may go other direction.

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There are many businesses that have been so popular and very competitive once upon a time, but now the time has changed and that business goes out of style or simply stops being profitable anymore. This kind of business should be kept away if you want to make a good investment for the running year 2017.

Some bad business ideas for 2017:

Earlier we had talked about some bad business plan for 2017, now we are going to talk about some other businesses which also not good anymore, just because the business ideas no longer working all over the world.

Creative business ideas

Product Distributing:

Since many products can be easily purchased directly from the factory, being distributor has become a very unprofitable business concept or become very complicated to make good money. On the other hand, now we all have the internet access in our hand and we can easily acquire the things that once seemed impossible but now become reality.

So becoming a distributor can be so unproductive and complicated, instead, we can give this business idea a twist to make it better by offering a service that corresponds to that product as sometimes this will give you the desired success.

Creative business ideas

Ice cream parlor:

I bet you have noticed there are only a few good ice cream shops in the cities and peoples are looking for only the reputed brand ice cream. Also, the market is saturated in some places and if we talk about starting the year in many parts we are in winter and it is very cold all over so it is not the best option to choose from.

One twist that can give this business kind of success if you plan to start with something small and seasonal based, especially in the summer. If you want to focus on the food industry you can try ice cream business ideas with some other food items like desserts or baked Presti’s.

Creative business ideas

A restaurant business:

To start a restaurants business and to bring that in shape requires a lot of planning, investment, time and money. You also need many permits which are not going to be overnight, and in the end, the process can be overwhelming and even disappointing.

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However, if you really want to start a food business for the year 2017, I recommend you not to invest anything big, start with something quite small and based on creative business ideas. You can start a vegetarian, organic or low-calorie food business to attract many of them who intend to lose weight.

Creative business ideas


Unfortunately there are very few people are interested in reading and even less to buy books, in addition, what are sold in the bookshop are those basic school books or some comics or novel books. But now if you want to get a good novel or something different you can easily find them on the internet in PDF format or you can buy them virtually on Amazon and read them on your computer at a cheaper price than a bookstore.

So a twist can give these business ideas a life without being discouraged and completely renounce it to focus on a very specific niche and only offer the books of interest. For example, you can open a site where you will sell the only bestsellers books of certain years.

Creative business ideas

Video buy/rental shops:

There are only few video stores that thrive, even some Movie Land or Blockbuster have already closed their branches because people no longer rent movies.

This has two main causes, the first one is piracy since people can buy the movie from $ 10 and see it in the comfort of their home as many times as they want.

The second one is the internet; there are already many sites that offer a wide catalog of movies that can see from their computers or cell phones either free or at a very low price. If you want to carry on these business ideas than you can set up a website where peoples can virtually watch the movie or can buy the movies.

Creative business ideas

Mobile phone sales center:

This market is very competitive and also very saturated. If you go to setting up a store on the internet still it can be complicated and too tough, because large manufacturers or distributors (such as telephone companies) are offering the same service in the online as well.

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Perhaps what you can offer are hard-to-get cell phone accessories with some cool gadgets, but this can still pose a huge investment risk.

Creative business ideas

Clothing stores or shoe stores:

Here we come back to various things, competition and saturation of the market. In addition, when the year begins, department stores of prestige tend to lower their prices and put offers that are second to none when a boutique or store opens.

For this type of business ideas, it is better to start them as online businesses.  Start with some little and certain types of products that can be imported from other countries or provide some well brand products.

Best recommendation for 2017:

As a final recommendation, I will suggest you get trained up yourself in business management, sales, and marketing to improve your business skills. There are many reputed schools out there to get the courses you need to develop your creative business ideas.


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