The Best Tips for Lighting Your Business Showcase

Led showcase

Recent studies have shown that a business place has only six seconds to attract its customers to enter the store. Using an original showcase might not be well enough to catch their eyes and let them think to get in.  By optimizing the light in the showcase you can make your showcase a unique one and invite customers to come in. We will give you four tips to properly illuminate your window to get a better look:

1. Prepare the scene and illuminate it

A showcase is like a stage where the protagonists are your products and they have to be illuminated correctly to get the attention. You cannot enjoy a show if you do not see it properly. First, make sure your window is always illuminated no matter day or night. Make sure all your bulbs are working properly. If your lighting stops working, keep in mind that you have to replace it with the same color and same temperature and chromatic reproduction index. It is necessary to maintain uniform illumination.Led showcase

2.  Organize showcase to get the attention

Create a showcase using decorative lighting. Add colorful light that could move or regulated help to attract attention. All depending on how you are looking to give a pleasant atmosphere, or a dynamic and brilliant effect. Anyway, one thing you should keep in mind that the walls and floor help to disperse the light. A widely used resource is the built-in bulb to illuminate the object but it might leave the surroundings in the dark. By playing with light and shadows you can guide the attention of your customers to the desired point. The aperture of the light beam is always between narrow and medium, depending on the size of the object.Led showcase

3.  Do not let the enlightenment go out of your hands!

Your window might be lit, but it does not mean you have to put all the lights you can. Also, be careful when you choose the lights. For example, using neon lights can be very striking, but that will leave us with the risk of having an ordinary showcase. On the contrary, some other lights can be elegant, but too discreet. If this is the case, we will recommend you to take the hands of the LED strips. The awesome part is this product can be placed in any corner, thanks to its adhesive strip, both in furniture and in walls. In addition, there are lots of different colors are available to create the atmosphere you want.Led showcase

4. Take the right technology

Halogen lamps have been a widely used resource in window display lighting nowadays. However, the biggest problem for these lamps is they pose in lighting objects and they generate heat and UV rays. These two factors could be damage illuminated objects causing them to suffer discolorations. In addition, another great problem is that they consume a lot of energy. By switching to LED you will prevent that much energy consumption and objects from fading and you could avoid light generates heat and at the same time save 80% more on your energy costs.

Don’t let your customer’s just pass by, attract them with a beautiful showcase that organizes with some colorful lamps!


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