Do you know what to do with your creative business ideas to turn it into opportunities?

Business Ideas

Once we have our creative business ideas ready, we must know how to implement them by offering the best ideas to our customers. We have to keep in mind that our best ideas might become unproductive and ultimately reduced our sales revenue if we don’t get the positive feedback from our customers.

In this article, we will focus on how we could do email marketing and all its advantages to create effective strategies to build a great creative business concept.

It is important that the strategy to contact with potential clients should be more direct and also fit our budget. We could use channels like radio, TV, and newspapers. But using billboards are kind of expensive for a company just began their operation. For us to communicate through the social networks or e-mail could be much more direct and much cheaper.

These days businesses of all sizes leverage their marketing strategies in the use of email because it’s very effective and low-cost tool that can reach quickly to the customer. This makes email marketing an incredible tool for the entrepreneur. The study shows there are more cell phones than humans and according to Hub Spot, 81% of people activity performed with his cell phone is to check their emails.

Creating a database is very hard and it’s not because of technicalities, but because it takes a lot of times to create a better server with enough volume to leverage your business. However, once you get a server, You have the opportunities to access a direct communication with potential customers.

Business Ideas

Services like Aweber, MailChimp and Infusionsoft will make things easy for you to create a form on your web page for your customers to collect their views about your products or services through emails. When you have all the data you need, it will be easy for you to send emails to your customers and you can provide your service or offer directly to your customers.

It is a wonderful opportunity to communicate with them directly and we must consider two things when we will communicate with them:

1. The segmentation. 

2. Personalization.

No doubt we will receive a lot of emails and some of them we have to ignore because they might have things that do not suit our interests. To get the best result we have to make an extent in segmentation because many people will ignore our emails; just because the title does not catch their attention!

Business Ideas

Many cases when the client opens the mail and starts reading, they might find nothing to suit their interest and simply thinks that the mail is not for them. We have to be very careful about the errors like sending an image to look like a template which will be hard to understand or asking any questions that don’t apply your activity. This will make our potential customer disinterest about the offer and consequently, they will not show interest in our product.

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It is important to understand that if we do not take advantage from the first emails to arouse the interest of customers or potential clients, we are letting a very big creative business opportunity to pass by. With that, a question might arise: how do I know if I am taking the advantage of the emails I send? There are many tools in the market such as email marketing software that will allow us to analyze about the emails we sent and based on that we can make changes and could optimize our strategy.

To get the best feedback we have to consider the following:

1. When is it the right time to send the emails?

2. How often we need to send them?

3. How many emails should we send for the potential buyer?

4. How many of them might take our service?Business Ideas

If we have all the answer from above questions, they will make a huge difference between selling and quitting. At the beginning, it will be difficult to find the answers and maybe things will become more complicated but it is your duty to take risks and start experimenting. In the different blog, you may find some useful suggestions about how to do it, but your database may react completely different than others. Always remember to analyze more and more, make changes if you need and optimize your vision to get the ultimate success in your creative business ideas.


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