4 Key Factors to Consider When Starting a Powder Coating Line

Powder coating is the process of applying a dry coat of paint on metal surfaces. It’s common practice when making industrial machinery, but you can also use it on steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, and titanium surfaces.

Are you thinking of starting a powder coating line? The truth is, it is a lucrative business. Powder coating has a higher preference compared to liquid paint. In addition, it is more environmentally friendly, stays on the surface longer, and offers a quality look.

If you have a desire to start a powder coating line, you’re in the right place. Read on to understand what you need to consider.

1. Location of Your Powder Coating Line

The location of your business can break or make it. It would be a good idea to consider setting up your powder coating line business in an industrial region. This is because powder coating is beneficial to many industries. You will have more jobs coming in.

Setting your business in a residential area will do you more harm than good. You might get a few orders here and there, but it won’t be enough to sustain your business. You also don’t want to deal with complaints and possible lawsuits for hazardous materials.

Before deciding on the location, do your research to know if such business is allowed in that area. It will be a waste of time and resources to set up your line, only to have it shut down. Be vigilant.

2. Your Finances

Like any other business, the powder coating business has its ups and downs. Generally, it is not cheap. You’ll need to have some money for equipment purchase. Some equipment, for example, a spray booth, can be costly.

Make sure you have enough resources to buy all the equipment needed. You will also need some cash to lease a space for your business. If taking a loan is your plan, ensure everything is in order, and the bank has wired the money. It will help you avoid delays.

3. Licensing

Licensing laws for powder coating businesses vary from state to state. Research to know what is required for you to obtain a license for your powder coating line. Your secretary of state’s office can be of great assistance. It would be best if you also visited the IRS to register your business.

Since you will be using chemicals, various states might require you to adhere to the OSHA requirements on safety. Take care of that before opening up the powder coating line. It will be frustrating if you skip this step and your business gets shut down for violations. Remember, there are also hefty fines involved in case of violations.

4. Market and Competition

Do thorough research on the market prospects of the area your business will be situated. Be sure to check out the competition and see what they are doing. It will help you to know what to offer and what to improve on. Even better, get your business online to expand your market landscape.

Bottom Line

Starting a powder line business can be a tough call. However, with the pointers above, you will have the power to create a powder coating line that will satisfy your clients and fill up your wallet.

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