Six considerations when searching for a new home

If you’re searching for a new home it is easy to feel overwhelmed. So, take it step by step.

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Calculate your budget

One of the key things to remember when running through your figures is that they price of the property is just one of many expenses involved with purchasing a property. In addition to your deposit and mortgage payments, you will have to factor in solicitor’s fees, building survey costs, conveyancing and stamp duty. For the best conveyancing solicitors Maidstone has trusted experts such as the team at SAM.

Choose your location

With a clear budget in mind, you will now be best informed to choose your location. Property prices can vary widely due to location, with the safest and most desirable locations commanding higher asking prices. To help you decide where you want to buy consider what is most important to you. Are you hoping to move closer to relatives? Do you want to live in a bustling city with great transport links or are you looking for rural idyll?

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Narrow down your requirements

Once you know the broad location you want to move to be even more specific with your requirements. Do you need to live close to good schools and amenities? How important to you are low crime rates?

Choose an ideal property type

There are a wide range of property types, from terrace houses to maisonettes and bungalows. It is also important to understand the distinction between freehold and leasehold properties. For clarity you may like to consult the best conveyancing solicitors Maidstone has to offer.

Your non-negotiables

It is essential to have a list of non-negotiables when it comes to your property hunt. Even if you are flexible about having a house or a flat, you need to decide what you absolutely won’t compromise on, such as a minimum number of bedrooms, resident’s parking or a garden.

Your long-term plan

If you are hoping for a long-term home and to start a family then you will need to consider factors such as catchment areas. Alternately, if you are hoping to do it up and flip it, carefully consider its resale value. To assist you with your decision you can contact conveyancing solicitors Maidstone has a friendly team who will be happy to discuss your future plans.


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