Innovative business solution in the basis of Creative business ideas

The innovative business solution not only refers to the new technological innovation in the business, but there are many other things involved with creative business ideas to bring out the whole new ways of doing business. You have to agree on that, most effective and productive innovation largely depend on company’s collaborators and their creativity developments. Innovation does not always have to mean the use of latest technology but rather in most case, searching for new ideas and techniques and trying to apply them in something that may already exist. Now you will see a multitude of companies that brings revolutionized in some very traditional sectors such as accommodation or transportation by developing a new innovative business solution.

For example, the company named Airbnb did nothing new but brought up a whole new innovative business idea for tourist accommodation. But honestly, until now hotels were the almost one and only option to cover up that business segment since it comes to the accommodation of tourists. But Airbnb has imagined a creative way to do it. They tried to make a bridge among private owners and the tourists so that everyone could get benefits. The tourist finds a comfortable lodging facility for much cheaper price and on the other hand, the owner also receives some extra income. This is a perfect example of how creative business ideas can deliver the best innovative business solution.

Here is another example; BlaBlacar is also delivered pretty much similar concepts because the company was built to find a solution for the crucial need of transportation for travelers. They brought up the traveler and car owners in a form of contact with each other in order to exchange the need with a financial deal. In here, the process of business was not a new business innovation but of course, the way they did it was pretty innovative.

Now if we take a look in both cases, we will see those new business concepts was not developed on the basis of exclusively technological innovation, but rather they applied a new innovative and creative way to do something that already exists in the market. The huge success of these two new companies has been so important for new entrepreneurs to get inspiration for doing things like that and find an innovative solution. Just imagine how they have completely revolutionized the two different sectors (tourist accommodation and transport) without having any hotel or vehicle for their own. Some creative ideas did all for them.

Highlight the following ways to improve your creative business ideas to find innovative business solution:

Basic concept of creativity and innovation

Creativity can be defined as a person’s hidden ability to create something so innovative that derives from his ability to find out some procedures or techniques to develop some new ideas. Creative business personnel is he who provide more efficient and effective solution in a faster way to the problems that already exist or may occur in the future.

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Sherman Gee defines the innovation as a process in which an idea that develops for the invention purpose or for recognition of products, useful service or technique to develop until it is commercially accepted.

Ways to improve your creativity and innovation

The innovative business solution always involves with creativity, since every process of innovation starts with the development of creative ideas. It is obvious that the creativity of the collaborators of a company is the key point for innovation. In other words, innovating involves with putting into the value of creative business ideas through a new product, service, business model or process.

According to a business expert, “innovation is turning original ideas that contribute value to successful projects”.

Learn how to observe things in detail

You have to adopt the ability to observe, to see the small details, the people and the things that surround you and it is one of the most important pillars of innovation. A creative entrepreneur should carefully observe the details of a project work and then reflects and poses an innovative solution.

Brings some change in your habits

When you start doing things differently, then no doubt you will get different results. Even if you simply change the regular habits on the way you go each day to work, still you can discover some new things that are capable of generating some of the best creative business ideas.

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Associates with unrelated things

You can find a countless innovative business solution that has emerged from the association of unrelated ideas or things. We can generate storms of the idea with our collaborators which are very interesting and maybe there is a senseless association that perhaps hides an effective idea.

An American company called Zappos which is dedicated to the online sale of clothing and footwear. A few years back they have bet to implant a whole new business structure without having any bosses. That was something so crazy that seems totally unreal at that time but ultimately worked because it stimulates the individual initiative and the responsibility of every worker. This is a perfect example of a great innovative business solution.

Don’t be so stress, let your mind to fly and relax

Almost every single day we get so absorbed by a huge amount of information that comes from the social networks, media, and other sources and put us quite difficult to take out some times to relaxation.

Remember, a moment of relaxation and disconnection from all other things can help us to free our mind from being exhausted and later on helps us increase our thinking ability.

Figure out the best business innovation that currently in demand

Now, from the business point of view, the innovation of diverse forms depends not only on technological advances and application of new technologies but through the search of new ways of doing things.

The most widely used forms of an innovative business solution are the way to provide customer service to support the business or business plan and of course, to apply new technologies for saving time and increasing business productivity. In this regard, in relation to new technologies, highlight scanning services as a way to promote faster procedures, ease in decision-making, centralized and shared information and more secure transactions. For example, if I need a large amount of information in a number of digitized documents to make a major business decision, access to that information will be easier and I will be able to filter the data that interests me for a quick and safe decision.

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There are several cases of application of digital tools in the business world, such as Spanish company Mango, which introduced the digital signature for all employee in the year 2015 to accelerate the processes related to human resources such as contract signings, holidays, store changes, etc.

Applying this tricky technique Mango achieved an innovative business solution by saving a great amount of time. This new procedures are much simpler and ultimately increased the productivity  since the workers do not have to move to the headquarters to sign, besides improving the security in the processes and to reduce the possible errors.

End up with a positive thought:

In the way to search things for finding the new solutions for problems that already exist might be the best ways to innovate some great things. Take a look around and you will see, there is a lot of things that yet to innovate. So let yourself to go there and start surfing to create and innovate your way of thinking. Always remember creative business ideas are the key to delivering some innovative business solution.

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