How to implement your creative business ideas for 2017 in 2 simple steps

creative business ideas

It is not necessary to complicate the matters too much as I’ve seen people share their views on how to implement creative business ideas with some very long and complex sentence. Here in this article, I’ll share my secret formula to create some winning creative business concept and the best thing is that this formula consists of only 2 steps.

Five intellectual prerequisites:

Before getting into the subject, I would like to give some introductory ideas about the two steps of this process. I will do it because I believe that the creation of some creative business strategy is less complex than their implementation. Let’s take a look at these 5 intellectual prerequisites before entering this game.

1.Ideas are not the most important thing:

I do not care about how much potential profitability your creative business method might have. Success does not come along with the ideas only but mostly depend on the brilliance of the people who work behind them.

2.Deal with your problems:

The most successful entrepreneurs never start their businesses with the intention to solve the problems of others but to solve their own problems.

3. It has been done before:

To survive in the business arena, sometimes it’s very hard for the beginners. Optimize your chance of being a survivor in your creative business concept it’s better to put yourself in the second place to give you an advantage of copying the good works from the previous entrepreneurs and a chance to avoiding the worst things they have done.

4. It is financially realistic:

As I being an anti-partner, anti-debt type person I will recommend you not to start your creative business plan with the intention of lending money from a bank or from some financial institutes.

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If you are not able to start your creative business plan on your own finance, then it’s better not to do it.  Remember 87% of companies broke down within the first 30 months.

5. Fast generating money:

If your creative business concept does not generate money after 30 days of being launched, then you should consider it as a bad concept.

creative business ideas

Two key Steps:

As I mentioned earlier, my creative business ideas are very simple. The whole concept made with 2 most important aspects that have kept me away from pursuing something unrealistic. Remember these two things, not all the brilliant and impressive business ideas might not work as they should be and any type of fun ideas never generate any real money.


In my experience, the best entrepreneurs are those who manage to develop the ability to see into the future and anticipate. They must have the ability to predict the market before anyone else.  However I say it again, try not to complicate the things as nobody expects from you to develop the prediction of the next economic crisis.

An entrepreneur must have the ability to predict where the market is headed. However, if you are a real estate agent you must have to understand the industry landscape as well as the emotions of the people in which they will inspire to buy the property. Predicting will allow you to create the solutions to the public problems that most of us feel frustrated when it comes to finding the solutions.

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In the brilliant talk of Bill Gross for TED titled “The single biggest reason why startups succeed” he shows that the driver behind the success of creative business ideas is not the only ideas, neither the equipment nor the creative business model or its financing, it is the time. Yes, you heard that right its only time.

Some critical Questions you should consider:

  • Is that too soon to launching your business ideas or is that too late?
  • Are there any external factors, such as the economy, industry or location that stop or encourage you to adopt your ideas?

These are the two key questions you must consider before pulling the trigger.

Finally, it’s true that time goes beyond the industry. The successful creative business concept should be developed at the right time in your life when you are young enough to set up your goals and have availability of relational capital or financial stability. At the core part of the topics, starting an entrepreneurship or launching a business is simply a commitment where you constantly educating yourself, building a realistic agenda to work with and having enough money to invest in it. If all of the above meet your capacity, you will be in a stronger position to achieve the success.

As a conclusion:  Do you think you are one of those people who are in the right place at the right time? Did you anticipate the success of Snap Chat? Were you about to buy Apple’s action in 1999? Did you bet Netflix Would triumph over television? If so, then definitely you are the master of the skill of time management, which will take you to generate the best creative business ideas.

creative business ideas


Seth Godin once said: Do not look for customers for your products; look for products for your customers. The structure of a large company develops based on solving the problem not based on fancy outlooks. Whenever customers have to face some problems they start looking for the solutions right after that.

However, as problems come in different shades and the best way to determine the problems is to take a look at three key elements to identify them in which you can deliver the best creative business solution.

  1. Requirement.
  2. Pain.
  3. Urgency.

As entrepreneurs, we must have to ensure the best quality in the products to deliver the best service. Most of the consumer wants to buy a quality product, not the fancy type product that may attractive to look.  The idea is to focus on the products that solve immediate problems and not to the luxury items that people buy when they have extra money.

Additionally, the level of pain determines the level of power. If your ideas bring the rapid relief to the pain of your consumers, your sales will increase immediately.

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Finally, if you can urgency amplified those problems it will definitely accelerate your path to the desired success you wanted to achieve.

The key role of the entrepreneur is searching for inefficiencies and the better or more pleasant ways to solve them.

creative business ideas

Some critical Questions you should consider:

  • Is your creative business strategy developing based on a product that the customer needs to have?
  • Do your ideas relieve the pain of your customers?
  • Do your ideas solve the problems rooted in some urgency?

Remember you have to establish your creative business ideas that built according to proven parameters of success, it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel. Do not let your passions to push you to pursue the ideas that leave you in total poverty.

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