Amazon gifts for tech lovers that you can still receive before Reyes

gifts for tech lovers

If you have not bought the gifts of Reyes Quiet yet, you can solve this problem with just one click. We bring a series of original gifts for tech lovers that you can order today at Amazon to receive before Reyes.

Between celebrating holidays and not knowing exactly on what day of the week you live after successive holidays, it is normal that you have completely spent buying Reyes’ gifts.

Fortunately, today with e-commerce platforms like Amazon the Kings travel much faster than a camel and we are still in time to buy last-minute gifts.

For those who are more hurried this year, at TICbeat we have compiled a series of gifts for tech lovers that you can order today at Amazon to receive tomorrow, before the day of Kings.

Of course, try to ask for them as soon as possible so that you arrive on time – at this point, we are not ready to rush! Most of the products we have chosen can be ordered until 20:00 in the afternoon today to receive them tomorrow, Saturday, January 5th. In addition, we have proposed to demonstrate that the rush is not incompatible with making an original gift. Your loved ones will not even notice that you have left everything for the last moment.

Amazon offers some exciting gifts for tech lovers:

A portable mini projector

gifts for tech lovers

With the rise of streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime the series are becoming more popular. An ideal gift for film lovers and series is a portable mini projector, so you can enjoy your favorite audiovisual content anytime, anywhere.

Today on Amazon we found a flash offer on Amazon for the Crosstour Mini Portable Projector, available with one-day shipping and a 15% discount with a final price of $79.46.

Wireless headphones gifts for tech lovers

gifts for tech lovers

How comfortable it is to get rid of the unraveling of the cables and enjoy the music without complications! You can order the Mindkoo Bluetooth headset today and receive it tomorrow for $45.99.

If you want to complete something more your gift you could add an annual subscription of Spotify, to make good use of the new headphones.

A polaroid camera

gifts for tech lovers

Polaroid cameras always triumph and you can also enjoy it the whole family immortalizing special moments on the day of Kings. Amazon has offered this kind of gifts for tech lovers at the day of Kings.

Luckily the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 is available on Amazon with a 23% discount and guaranteed shipping before the day of Kings. The price stays at $69.90.

Philips Wake Up Light

gifts for tech lovers


January is a month of purpose, and there are many who set a goal to lead a healthier routine starting from the first hour of the day.

This Philips alarm clock is a good option to start the day on the right foot, as it can simulate the sunrise for a gradual awakening and also accompany the user’s preferred music by allowing him to select a radio station.

It has a 13% discount on Amazon and will arrive tomorrow.

Lenses for the camera of the mobile

gifts for tech lovers

If you are looking for a more affordable original gift check out the smartphone lenses. You can adjust them to the camera and take pictures with the fisheye effect, among others.

Smart plug

gifts for tech lovers

The era of the smart home has arrived and you can transform yours at a much more affordable price than you think. For example, the AISIRER smart plug is available as gifts for tech lovers on Amazon with one-day shipping for $29.99.

And what can we do with an intelligent plug? For example, using a mobile app you could turn the light off comfortably from the bed, avoiding arguments about who gets up to hit the switch; You can even control the switching on and off of appliances when you’re not at home; among other useful applications you can control the use of energy and reduce costs, as well as establish a schedule and timer.

External battery for mobile

gifts for tech lovers

This is a more classic gift, but very useful. The external battery for mobile PowerBank is available with a 20% discount, leaving the final price at $26.19 and you will receive it before the day of Kings.

Fire TV stick

gifts for tech lovers

Another way to give entertainment to Reyes is buying a Fire TV Stick. Basically, it is a device with which you can convert your old TV into smart TV. Simply plug it into the HDMI port and we can have different streaming platforms, such as Netflix, HBO and Amazon Primer, as well as applications such as YouTube on our TV.

Some Virtual Reality glasses gifts for tech lovers

gifts for tech lovers

This kind of gifts for tech lovers is surprisingly affordable. For only $29.99 you can buy 3D virtual reality glasses for smartphone and give more emotion to your games and videos. This Victorstar model comes with control and from Amazon can take it home with 1-day shipping.

A smart bracelet

gifts for tech lovers

If the person for whom you are looking for a gift has proposed to get fit this 2019 or has always been a sports lover, you can buy an intelligent sports bracelet.

On Amazon, the Yamay is available with 1-day shipping for about $35. It works with Android and iOS, and in addition to controlling physical activity can also be configured to receive phone notifications comfortably on the wrist.

Smart scale

gifts for tech lovers

The previous gift could also be combined with an intelligent scale. The Deik digital scale can be linked with mobile fitness apps, to keep a very complete record of the user’s physical progress.

A wireless speaker

gifts for tech lovers

Finally, the types of gifts for tech lovers will be a wireless speaker. Despite being small, the sound is increasingly powerful in these devices.

There are several options, but we have chosen the Sony SRS-XB10W speaker. Today not only has the fast one-day shipping on Amazon but also has a 35% discount.

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