22 motivational Business Ideas for 2017 to save your money

Business Ideas

2017 is going to be a year with full of creative business opportunities due to some different trends expected to generate in most countries, such as increasing online activities means huge opportunities in the e-commerce business. The sales increase through online and use of technological products mostly by the young population is the key point to develop this kind of business.

So if you looking forward to starting your own business and have some unique creative business ideas for 2017 it’s the time, to begin with.

22 business ideas to consider for 2017:

In my article, I will try to give you little hints about this entire 22 creative business concept that you can consider to implement in this year 2017. The best things you will find in these types of business are your freedom of work and another key point is you can operate this type business from your home.


Virtual Assistant:

The idea of virtual assistant services becomes very popular these days in all over the world and rapidly increasing. Now Many big companies are hiring virtual assistants because they are having a lack of time to do their own tasks. The trend should be continued in coming years as well.

In your business service, you can dedicate to offering the virtual administrative assistant service to attend phone calls, management of agenda and also writing documents. The best thing is you could remotely do it from your home.

Translation agency:

Translations of documents getting very popular these days and this year where more companies are expected to do business with others countries from different parts of the world, they are expected to be even more demanding.

You could simply set up your translation agency in your own home and operate over the Internet. Besides document translation service you could also offer interpretation and transcription service.

Business Ideas

Writing Agency:

Today’s newsrooms also in high demand and you could develop a copywriting agency to provide services like writing texts especially for Internet media such as portals, blogs and company websites. More importantly, you could set up this creative business concept in your own home and able to operate over the Internet.

Massage center:

You would see massage centers are becoming so popular all over the world (increasing in malls, airports and even markets) and in 2017 the trend is expected to continue.

To set up your massage center you would only need a place in a busy area, one or more massage chairs, items such as towels, blankets, lotions and oils for massages, and some staff to help you for this service.

Business Ideas

Yoga workshop:

Yoga workshops are already quite popular and people are more likely need to manage stress-free life in this year.

In order to set up your yoga workshop, you need a place with right conditions, equipment such as yoga mats and balls and some stuff. To earn more you could provide classes and yoga session.

Healthy food restaurant:

Peoples love to have healthy foods and where greater expectation among people is lead a healthy life, no doubt your creative business ideas will boost.

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You could set up your restaurant at your own home if you have the right space and right conditions. You could offer healthy foods that won’t have to be dietary or vegetarian, but simply provide low fat and low calories.

Business Ideas

Delivery of menus at home:

The creative business method of menus delivery at home getting popular these days and as the year goes by people are expected to have less time to cook and that brings business opportunities to start up a menus delivery at home service.

To start this business you would need a kitchen that could be of your own home, a phone through which consumers make orders, one or more vehicles and staff to help you prepare the menus and distribute them.

Business Ideas

Food truck:

Food trucks are becoming so popular around the world and as the trend is expected to continue this year as well you have the opportunities to implement your creative business ideas to develop a food truck.

To mount your food truck you need a vehicle converting with the necessary conditions, a permit that allows you to operate in a strategic place and some staff to help you preparing the foods to serve the customers.

Sale of organic products:

The consumption of organic products is highly demanded and this 2017 where the greater concern is protecting the environment from pollution is expected to be consuming even more.

You could dedicate to the sale the organic products through an online store and thus you could take the advantage of increasing online purchases and also you could reduce your operation costs. You may sell cleaning supplies, cosmetics, clothing and other products that are made of natural or recyclable ingredients.

Business Ideas

Sale of electric vehicles:

The concept of Eco vehicles is the most creative business solution to save our planet from being polluted by carbon.

In your electric car business, you dedicate to sell eco-friendly vehicles. If you do not have enough investment to purchase electric cars, you could start with marketing electric motorcycles and electric bikes.

Sale of technological products:

The demand for technological products are getting high for some years and in 2017, where the young population consumes the most products, these profitable business ideas are expected to fetch more strength.

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You could dedicate to the sale the tech gadget, which you could mount on the online store. You could offer products like Smartphone, tablets, laptops, gears or virtual reality helmets in your store.

Business Ideas

Smartphone Repair Workshop:

Smartphone repair shops become so popular these days because of its necessary and in 2017where Smartphone usage is expected to increase, the idea of developing Smartphone repair shop will boost.

Developing applications for Smartphone:

The use of Smartphone and installing various applications for these is a trend growing sky-high, and this year where more great innovations are expected in both Smartphone and applications, the trend will surely continue.

You could develop your own applications that aim to have thousands of downloads and you can also offer application development service to third parties who seek to have their own applications.

 Creating videos for the Internet:

The online videos are another trend related to technology that grows rapidly these days.

You could create your own videos that aim to have thousands of followers in your YouTube channel and you could also offer the video creation service for third parties such as companies that Look for some cool videos.

Business Ideas

Social Networking Management:

Social network marketing is another trend that will continue to grow this 2017, where more online users and companies are expected to have a presence in social networks to promote their products or services, surely the trend will not change.

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You could provide services like creating pages or profiles for social networks, Publication of contents, and recruitment of followers.

Sale of baby items:

Baby products are another segment which increasing rapidly and in 2017 and you could set up a creative business plan to sell baby items through eBay and Amazon. To start immediately, you could sell Products like cribs, cars, eating chairs, baby bottles, pacifiers, toys and baby surveillance equipment.

Business Ideas

Sale of pet accessories:

Pet products are another good creative business trends in 2017 that give you an opportunity to set up pet accessories business. You could also take the advantage of Internet to setting up a profile to sell products such as wooden houses, beds, straps, collars, clothes, Toys and pet locators.

Spa for pets:

Pet spas are already popular in all over the world and you can also implement these kinds of creative business ideas to provide them everything to look good and feel relaxed.

At your pet spa, you could provide services such as bathing, hair cutting, nail cutting and you could also provide pet massages to feel them better.

Dog Walks:

In your Dog walking services, you can offer services like dog walking and other related services such as Training of dogs. Now there are many propels who does not have time to take a dog walk and definitely need your help.

Business Ideas

Hairdressing salon:

The idea of Home hairdressing services are becoming more popular every year and this 2017 where people are expected to have less time to go to a hair salon, it could be a good opportunity for you to start your home hairdressing services.

You could offer services of a hairdresser or traditional salons such as haircut, Hairstyles, manicure, pedicure, and makeup, but at the client’s home.

Care of the elderly at home:

Eldercare services rapidly become popular all over the world because of numbers of people, who will have less time to take care their elderly, definitely look for this kind of service.

You could start this service on your own and with time goes by you can hire some staffs to provide services such as food assistance, personal hygiene and checking their blood pressure.

Business Ideas

Recreational Center for the Elderly:

Recreational centers for older adults will be very good opportunities among them who want to give them a better quality life.

In your recreational center for older adults, you could offer services like walks around the locality, crafts, dance classes and yoga classes.

These were the best profitable business ideas to start your own business for the New Year 2017. I hope implementing these ideas will make your life better and I will be so happy to see you to get the success you dreamed your entire life.

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