Which knitting blogs are the best to follow in 2023?

Blogs are a great way to get ideas and advice about knitting and there are many to choose from. So here’s a guide to some of the best.

Why read a knitting blog?

Whether you’re a complete novice with no idea how to cast on and off, or whether you’re looking to improve your skills, a knitting blog is a good place to get tips and inspiration. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, there’s a blog available to help you create the perfect knitted item.

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The UK Hand Knitting Association is a non-profit organisation which has videos for beginners and a wealth of knowledge from its members. It says that craft skills including knitting bring in £3.4bn to the UK economy, which is why it’s no surprise that crafters want to share their knowledge.

For Absolute Beginners

1.      Nimble Needles: This has a free course online and helpful guides on casting on and neat stitching.

2.      A Bee in the Bonnet: This blog makes knitting for the first time less scary, describing it as basically making loops with some sticks. They explain what sort of yarn to use and how to pick needles.

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3.      Sheep & Stitch: According to this blog, knitting is all about three essential skills – casting on, knit stitch and casting off.

Many beginner blogs also have guides to the best knitting kits, often an easy way to get started. And there is plenty of advice if you are looking for Wool Couture.

More Advanced

Once you’ve got the hang of basic stitches, you could look at the following blogs:

4.      Little Cotton Rabbits: Mum to an autistic child, Julie focuses on knitted toys and other beautiful items.

5.      Stolen stitches: This has tutorials for intermediate-level knitters.

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