How Can Non-EU Citizens Move to Greece?

Greece is a scenic country with thousands of its islands dotted throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas. Popular with holidaymakers from the UK, Greece is also enjoying a boost with non-EU citizens flocking to enjoy the food, culture and weather. Moving to Greece as a non-EU citizen involves navigating immigration laws and obtaining the necessary visas and permits.

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Identify Why You Want to Make the Move

Why do you want to move to Greece? It could be for work, study, to live with extended family or other purposes. Different visas and permits apply to different circumstances.

What Is the Cost Of Living Like?

In Greece the cost of living is lower compared to the rest of Europe. Sunny days, the unrivalled landscape and the friendly and hospitable people create that perfect relaxed lifestyle for newcomers. According to The Independent, Greece is a must-see destination for holidaymakers, and with an array of places to visit, from Athens to the islands, it’s an Instagram-worthy country.

What Documentation Do I Need?

You can obtain a residence permit for Greek or other EU citizens’ non-EU family members, a residence permit for financially independent people, a permit for those at Greek universities or a permit for self-employed entrepreneurs. If you are interested in moving to Greece from the UK, you can check the legal requirements and obtain professional help from Ensure you seek legal advice so that you understand and comply with all laws and requirements. Immigration regulations can be complex, and professional guidance is invaluable.

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Integrate into the Community

When you arrive for your new life abroad, focus on integrating into the local community. Familiarise yourself with local customs, laws and resources to make your transition smoother. Ensure you learn some for the language so that you can converse with Greeks.

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