What Police Are Taught about CCTV

CCTV (closed-circuit television) is a system used to capture images and footage. It is a useful tool in security, crime prevention and crime detection.

There are legalities to consider when installing CCTV on your premises. If your CCTV system captures images of people from beyond the boundaries of your personal property, then General Data Protection (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act (DPA) will apply.

Importance of CCTV to Police

CCTV plays a very important role in protecting people and property.

It helps to identify suspects and prove when a crime has been committed. It also helps to identify any person nearby who may be a witness, as well as eliminate suspects who may have been at the scene of the crime.

CCTV helps police to form a timeline of events, both leading up to the crime and afterwards. It can help to identify opportunities to collect forensic evidence such as fingerprints.

Because it presents events in imagery, it can be a powerful tool in demonstrating to jurors the circumstances of the crime, which in turn leads to secure convictions and the passing of justice.

CCTV also acts as a deterrent, with its presence reassuring to members of the public. It can be a preventative, affording public authorities with the necessary tools to assess risk and manage it accordingly.

Police who process and collect CCTV images are bound by the FSR Statutory Code of Practice.

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CCTV Installation

An expert CCTV installer can help to advise homeowners and businesses on the legalities of a new CCTV system. They are able to offer a range of solutions to suit every building size and budget, as well as a range of means to view footage, such as links to smartphone, a monitor or a PC. Advances in CCTV technology are being made constantly, with many.

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system options available.

For advice and installation of CCTV Cheltenham and the surrounding areas, visit a CCTV specialist such as apmfireandsecurity.com/cctv-installation/.

Specialist installers are also able to offer bespoke maintenance packages to ensure that your CCTV system is always working optimally and capturing high quality images.

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