Six ways to add texture in your kitchen

When decorating or refreshing kitchen interiors, texture may not be the first thing to spring to mind; however, the kitchen is the heart of many homes and texture is a key ingredient to add warmth, layers and depth. Here are six ways to add texture in your kitchen.

1. Walls

Adding layers and depth to walls is an easy way to create rich dimensions in a room. Exposed brickwork is a popular way to do this and can add an industrial touch to a room. A trendy option is using textured paint, which can mimic rough plasterwork, concrete, or even ageing. Another option is wood cladding, which can add warmth.

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2. Lighting

Instead of using overhead lights, table lamps are a great option if you want a cosy ambience. If you have a modern kitchen, under lighting cupboards can look very sleek and luxurious. Those undergoing kitchen refurbishment Surrey can pick up these lighting panels relatively cheaply and they can make a huge difference.

3. Worktop texture

Using natural textured worktops, such as granite, wood or mock quartz, is also a good way to add more depth to your room rather than solid blocky work surfaces. These are available from specialists such as

4. Decorative textiles

Wall hangings are a great way to add texture to a room and can make rooms seem warmer. Macraweave is a technique that combines macrame and weaving, so you could even have a go at making one yourself to add character!

5. Bring the outside in

Plants are another surefire way to create depth and texture in a room; what’s more, they can have a wondrous effect on light at various times of the day. If you have a spare windowsill, you could even try growing a miniature herb garden, which is both delicious and beautiful.

6. Freestanding furniture

In addition to being able to take it with you if you leave, freestanding furniture such as butcher blocks and cabinets is a trendy way to add individuality to a room.

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