Six Self-Care Activities That Won’t Cost You Money

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When it comes to self-care, the ideas run the gamut and, frankly, can start to become overwhelming, not to mention expensive. While a spa session is a nice treat now and then, there are plenty of low-cost or free self-care options to give your mind, body and spirit the nurturing it craves.

If self-care is on your agenda but you aren’t sure where to start, here are six activities to add to your calendar. You may find it easier to incorporate self-care into your routine and you can even consider gaming at some best online casinos in Australia.

Light a candle

Set the tone for your home office or relaxation room by lighting a candle with an enticing scent. The power of smell can boost the mood and creates a cosy ambience for any room. Citrus or ginger scents can be energizing, while vanilla or lavender can be calming. A soft glow and pleasant smell can make your everyday routine a little more luxurious.

Listen to music

Create your curated playlists to be ready whenever the mood strikes. Whether you need something upbeat to keep you motivated through an afternoon or gentle instrumentals to help you wind down, turn on music to set the mood. Music instantly allows us to slow down or get revved up depending on the goal. Whether it’s a workout playlist that helps you concentrate at work or songs that put you in a feel-good mood, switch up the energy by turning to your favourite tunes. You can also listen to music while playing some games from which can also uplift your mood a bit.

Go for a nature walk

Though a nature walk right now may be on the chillier side, take advantage of the warmer days as spring approaches. Explore a new path and soak in your surroundings. It can be an easy stroll or a challenging climb. Walking is a gentle way to move your body while also allowing you to step away from the screen and enjoy being present in the beauty of nature.

Make a nutritious meal

Being mindful of what we eat is one of the most basic forms of self-care we can practice. However, it’s often forgotten. Plan simple meals to avoid driving through the fast-food line when in a pinch. For example, keep cooked chicken breasts, microwaveable rice and bagged salads on hand for a quick and healthy meal. Visit your local farmers market and switch up the ingredients seasonally to make meal planning something that excites you rather than a chore.

Stay hydrated

We often feel sluggish or not our best selves when dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is important to keep the body functioning properly. Common colds and increased fatigue can often be traced back to a lack of hydration. To avoid this, keep a large water bottle or jug nearby and fill it up regularly. If you’re one to forget to take water breaks, schedule a reminder on your phone. It’s easier to jumpstart healthy water-drinking habits with a little help.

Take a bath

Being immersed in water is soothing to the senses. During winter, a long, hot bath relaxes the muscles and mind. Set the bathroom lights low, turn on soft music or an entertaining podcast and settle into the warm waters. For extra luxury, add a bath bomb or Epsom salts to ease tension and soreness from the day. Don’t have a tub? Spruce up your shower with eucalyptus and a Bluetooth speaker. The goal is to engage the senses and make your everyday bathing routine a spa-like ritual.

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