Seven kitchen gadgets that a chef can’t live without

The world’s top chefs may be the masters of culinary delights, but when it comes to whipping up their delectable masterpieces, they all readily admit that there are some tools they simply couldn’t bear to not have on hand.

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Take a look at the seven gadgets the top chefs globally cannot cook without.

Hand Blender

This is a cheap and simple tool that even the very best chefs won’t cook without. It’s great for making velvety salsa, smoother soups and quick marinades, and just a few pulses can turn a dish from fabulous to phenomenal.


An easy-to-use hand gadget, microplanes help leading chefs like Che Figata add a bit more oomph to their limoncello, perfectly shred cheese for pasta, and make a wonderful orange zest. Plus, this little gadget also reduces food waste, so it’s a win-win all round.

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Japanese Mandoline

Thinly-sliced vegetables and fruit always look good, and a mandolin can do this in a jiffy. You can use this to prepare all the vegetables for a dish or to create garnishes that look great and taste amazing. When you are done, you can pop it one of the commercial dishwashers in the kitchen and you’re good to go.

Vitamix Blender

You can make everything from mousse to soup to smoothies and sauces in this blender. Corporate chef Andy Wittman swears by his Vitamix and says you can even grind coffee and refine flour using this tool. Plus, a place like 247 Catering Suppliers offer commercial dishwashers that will clean them quickly and easy, ready for the next blitz.

Microplane Zester

Microplane zesters seem to be chef’s favourite, and they make adding a little bit of zest easier than ever. The refined flavour this can add is incomparable, and these micro zesters can be used for starters all the way through to dessert!

Cooking Torch

You can flambé, sear and sizzle your way to deliciousness with a cooking torch. This little gadget can be used on everything from fish to crème brulee, and it is truly a versatile secret weapon.

Splatter screens

If you hate the mess made from grilling or searing, steal a secret from JW Marriott chef Michael Reich and pop a splatter screen on your skillet. Cleanup just got so much easier!

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