Questions to ask a marquee hire company

You are getting married. This is where the party will begin! It’s a great way to show your personality as a couple. A marquee can be decorated in any way you like, and it will spice up the dance floor. Some practical questions before you go any further are a good idea. Here are some questions you can ask the vendor before you choose which company you want to book your marquee.

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  1. How can we contact other couples who have booked your marquees before?

You can ask other couples if they had a good experience, if they encountered any problems, or if you want any additional information (like where the couple rented their portable heaters).

  1. Can I see your marquees when they are erected?

You can get a better idea of how you want your marquee to look on the wedding day and in photos by seeing it standing up!

  1. How big a marquee do we need for the number of guests attending?

You will need space to accommodate the dance floor as well. If you have 110 guests, then a marquee measuring 20×60 feet (including dance floor) would be needed.

  1. Can you visit the location to see if a marquee is appropriate?

If a professional is not willing to do so, then find someone else who will.

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  1. What are the possible shapes, sizes and configurations that would fit into our space to accommodate our number of people?

Your marquee provider will give you options and specifications for what you need. For Marquee Hire Bristol, contact

  1. When will the marquee be assembled and deconstructed?

Normally, the process takes a few days. Be sure to know how long it will take for each stage and when you will be able to start decorating your marquee according to your chosen theme.

  1. Can you provide furniture like chairs and tables?

To avoid surprises on the big day, you should get the furniture order in writing from the provider.

  1. Can you open your marquee if it is hot outside? If it’s raining or storming outside, can the marquee be closed and protected from wind? Will you supply heaters?

It’s wise to be prepared for any weather. You don’t want your guests to leave the dance floor to get some fresh air, or to huddle for warmth!

  1. Will we require an electrical generator? Are you able to provide it or recommend a supplier?

Your band or DJ may need a generator, as well as any other electrical equipment like ovens/freezers.

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