Make these Christmas craft ideas with your children

Spend some creative time with your children this Christmas at your Park Homes Gloucester location with these easy, budget-friendly Christmas craft ideas. Depending on which home you choose will depend on the amount of christmas decorations you can fit in.  If you want to see what options there are and find out about open days visit sites like and have a merry christmas.

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Finger paint fairy lights:

· Finger paint
· Marker pen
· Paper

Clear your work area to avoid getting paint on unwanted areas. Simply dip the ends of your child’s fingers in the paint and press lightly on the paper. There are no rules with finger painting, so do as few or as many prints as you like and leave to one side for the paint to dry. Once dried, use the marker pen to connect the prints with one long line, adding small lines to the bottom of each print as you go along to make it appear that each print is connected to a long wire.

Fabric Christmas trees

· Fabric
· Recycled cardboard
· Scissors
· Glue
· Paintbrush
· String/ribbon

Spread a thin layer of glue evenly across the cardboard sheet with a paint brush. Avoid ‘pools’ of glue, as this may cause the cardboard and the fabric to wrinkle. Place the fabric over the cardboard, starting at one side, and slowly work your way to the other side, smoothing out any bumps and lumps. Set to one side for at least one hour.

On the underside of the cardboard, use a pencil to outline your Christmas tree. Once you have cut out your Christmas tree, use a hole punch to make a hole at the top. Thread through some ribbon or string and hang your fabric tree. Not only are these trees fun and easy to make but also they are eco-friendly!

Rudolph toilet roll

· Toilet roll tube
· Red buttons
· Recycled cardboard
· Glue
· Googly eyes
· Fabric
· Scissors

Glue googly eyes onto the toilet roll tube, then add the red button for the nose – make sure it is a shiny one! Cut out a strip of fabric and glue around the roll to give Rudolph a scarf. Set to one side for the glue to dry and then cut out two antlers from the cardboard sheet and glue to the inside of the tube at the top.

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