Looking After Your Boiler Over the Summer

As the weather warms up, we don’t need to use our central heating much, if at all, and for this reason, many people opt to turn their boiler off during the summer months. However, a boiler that is not being used for long periods of time can be problematic, and you might find that this has caused it to break down when you go to switch it back on in the autumn.

Here are the things that can help you to make sure that your boiler is in a good state of repair over the summer months…

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Use it on a Regular Basis – Although you don’t need the heating on over the summer, giving it a run here and there can ensure that all is working as it should and means that you can spot any issues that might have occurred, so you can get them sorted out before you need to use the boiler again.

Doing this stops build ups in the system which might cause blockages, and means that if you have any issues you can get a professional like this boiler repair Gloucester based company https://www.hprservicesltd.com/gloucester-boilers/boiler-service-gloucester/ to fix it for you.

Get it Serviced – Summer is the perfect time to get your boiler serviced. As well as making sure that it is operating safely, getting it serviced will also give you peace of mind that it is working correctly. It might also invalidate your boilers warranty if you fail to get it serviced on an annual basis, and summer is a good time to get a boiler serviced as it gives you time to get repairs done if there are any required.

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You also need to think about the whole central heating system. Radiators can also suffer if they are left over the summer and are not used, and this can cause air to build up in the system. This is something that you might notice when you turn on the boiler and find that radiators are not heating up in certain spots, or at all, and in this case, you will then need to bleed the radiators. Sludge can also build up and reduce the capacity of the system.

Getting a professional to flush the system is a good way to clear sludge that builds up and is particularly a good idea if you do turn your boiler off over the summer.

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