Important Facts About Drainage Cleaning For Your Commercial Sewer System.

Drainage Cleaning, like that offered by companies like Wilkinson Environmental is more than just about unclogging your sinks and toilets. It’s also about preventing seepage into underground water pipes which can be the cause of major water disasters in major urban areas. A clogged drain carries a number of dangers including: blood spills, sewer gas, toxic chemicals, toxic molds, electrical shock, toxic fumes and even deadly electrocution. To avoid all such dangers, you need to know how to unclog drains properly. Let’s look at some of the best ways to do it:

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When it comes to commercial sewer cleaning, contractors recommend two different methods which include the utilization of truck mounted tankers to manually unclog drains as well as using high-pressure water jetting machines. In case of the former, several trucks with long cable connections are positioned on the site where the pipes are situated while high pressure water is used to force the clog loose. The latter is more preferable since it targets larger drains and requires a bigger truck for the same results.

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Another important issue that you need to take care of is checking if the drainage cleaning chemicals you’re using are compatible with the pipes that comprise your commercial sewer system. You should test both new and old pipes with various chemicals, so you don’t end up spraying chemicals all over the place. You need to also lubricate all moving parts of your pipes to make sure they don’t break down. In addition, make sure you dispose of your sewage waste properly to prevent the spread of disease-causing germs and bacteria.

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