4 Tips For Finding a Nanny

Finding the right nanny can take time, and it should. It’s your child that you’re entrusting to another person. Here are four tips that can help you find the perfect nanny without hoping that Mary Poppins drops in on her umbrella.

1. Know your priorities.

Write out a job description that lists the most important traits and characteristics that you want. Include hours and availability, ideal qualifications and the responsibilities of the position. Know which ones are the deal breakers and what you’re willing to compromise on. Use this list to navigate your search.

2. Find candidates.

Get references from friends and family, but try to find a nanny associated with an agency that handles domestic staffing Los Angeles.  You can rest assured that the agency has done due diligence by thoroughly screening the individual. It’s okay to interview a lot of candidates. You will probably pass on a few. Keep in mind that a few of the candidates may pass on your family, too. Make sure to have an in-person interview to get a sense of the nanny’s personality.

3. Have a trial run.

Ideally, you would schedule a couple of days with a new nanny. Don’t expect perfection on day one, but you can get an idea of how the nanny interacts with your children. It takes time to build a relationship with any employee, and a nanny will need training to fit into your family.

4. Make an offer.

Once you’ve decided on a nanny, work out the details of the arrangement. Put everything on paper, to make sure you’ve covered everything that is important to you. Keep the discussions professional, rather than personal. Let the nanny have a say in the terms of the contract. Expect that things may change as the child ages.

Finding the right nanny isn’t an exact science. Put the right time and effort into finding the person who will care for your child.

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