3 Great Ways To Add Attractive Curb Appeal to Your Commercial Property

Wondering how you can cultivate new business and attract new customers? If you’ve tried every marketing technique in the book, have you thought about making sure your business property is giving off a good impression to potential customers? Here are three ways to give curb appeal to even the most unattractive commercial space.

1. Install a New Sign

Signs communicate to the public what your business sells and the services that you provide. When used effectively, they can also attract the eye of potential customers – in a good way. Enlist the services of a professional installer of custom signs Vancouver WA to provide you with an eye-catching sign that conforms with all local building codes. Upgrade to a LED-lit sign to maximize the effectiveness.

2. Upgrade Paved Areas

Paved areas like your parking lot and sidewalks are a customer’s first point of physical contact with your commercial space. It’s crucial that these areas are kept in excellent condition, for both aesthetic and safety reasons. Hire a reputable concrete contractor to repair any areas of damage. Remember that with paved surfaces it’s best to tackle problems right at the start, instead of letting them turn into an even bigger headache in the future.

3. Update the Lighting

A properly lit parking lot will encourage customers to feel safe as they navigate your commercial property after dark. Instead of completely replacing all your exterior lighting fixtures, try to replace the bulbs you can with LED bulbs. These bulbs burn brighter and use less energy than standard fluorescent bulbs. If you do need to replace a few fixtures, remember that investing in this feature significantly reduces liabilities when customers use your parking areas and walkways at night.

In business, appearances are everything. Ensure that your business is ready to impress potential customers by making these effective curb appeal upgrades.

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