Expert Insights – Why You Should Consider Hiring a Voice-Over Talent

female voice-over talent

Voice actors are professionals who can help you deliver impactful recordings. They understand the importance of inflection, pacing, and timing to make your content dynamic and engaging.

They also have the acting skill to convey different emotions in their recordings. They can shout, whimper, or whisper.

Increased sales

Whether it’s an explainer video, audiobook, or podcast, a professional voice over talent Boston, MA will make all the difference. Customers will associate your brand with the voice they hear, helping to build trust and boost sales.

Employing the services of a skilled professional can help you save time and resources in the long term. Using amateur voice actors can increase editing and production time as they struggle with pronunciation, tone, and inflection. It’s also essential to hire a voice actor with versatility, as different projects may require a range of vocal styles.

A good VO actor can deliver these scenes with clarity and emotion, whether it’s shouting, whispering, or crying. Remember, voice actors exert as much effort during quiet and loud scenes. Courtenay Taylor even suffered a vocal cord hemorrhage voicing a video game, proving that a skilled VO actor can convey emotions without straining their voice.

Increased brand awareness

Hiring a professional voice actor will make your videos and other audio-related marketing materials sound more professional. It will increase the trustworthiness of your brand and help you build a bond with your customers or clients.

Trained voices can adapt their tone and style based on your targeted demographic. They also know how to deliver an emotional message that captures and holds your audience’s attention.

When you’re looking for a voice-over artist, ask them to provide various work samples. Pay close attention to diction and pacing. They should be able to speak clearly and maintain the same tempo in different types of recordings.

Increased customer satisfaction

Professional voice actors work in an acoustically treated studio, which cuts down on unwanted reverberation and external noise (traffic, computer fans, barking dogs, lawnmowers, etc). While you can record your voice-over at home using a microphone, it will likely sound muddy and need more clarity.

Aside from video marketing, businesses use voice-overs for IVR/voice prompts/telephony, animation, gaming, and radio commercials. When a company hires a reputable voice actor for these projects, they signal to their consumers that they prioritize quality.

Companies prioritizing customer satisfaction can leverage it to attract new customers and increase sales. They can also utilize it to prevent churn by measuring CSAT and acting on feedback.

Increased customer loyalty

When you use a professional voice actor, the sound quality is consistent and high-quality. Developing a solid relationship with your audience is crucial to establishing trust and loyalty, which can lead to their support. This is a critical component of marketing. Customers often connect a voice with a brand, so using the same VO artist across all your videos makes your business more recognizable to your audience.

VO actors are highly trained and have years of experience reading scripts to fit the tone and audience of the piece. They also understand how to deliver lines so the audience stays appropriately engaged.

This is especially important for a video game or animation project. Depending on the type of project, voice actors may need to whisper, shout, whimper, or cry. It can strain the vocal cords and even cause damage (as this actress discovered). It’s better to leave it to the pros.

Increased customer retention

Professional voice actors can make any script come to life. From radio commercials to explainer videos and even auto-attendant messages, the right voice can add a unique touch to your business’ audio content, making it stand out.

The key to a good voice-over is clarity and diction. Avoid the mumblers and hire someone who can deliver every word clearly, even in an excited or passionate tone.

Another perk of working with full-time voice talent is their availability. Many can accommodate a last-minute request or a quick answer within minutes. This is an advantage over part-time voice actors who have a full-time job and may only be able to respond after hours or the next day.

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