Best Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas with low investment for creative small farm business entrepreneurs

Agriculture Business Ideas

Agriculture Business Ideas has got its new revolution crossroad adopting today’s technological advantages. Imagine how fast that particular business sector is developing for last few decades. Adding all those extraordinary equipment and innovative business ideas helped this Agriculture Business to rapidly change its production level. Even in some ruler areas, you will see the entire food production process gets modernized and expected to get a double increased in production level within the next 10 years.

Apart from filling up all the domestic needs, farm business ideas can bring a huge export prospect for local farmers. This agri-business involve with many other sub business from production to its delivery, such as:

  • For production line: fertilizer, seeds, equipment, machinery, etc.
  • For Agricultural goods: primary agricultural products like food and fiber.
  • And for service oriented involvement: if you take a look, there are many different lines of business involved with this farm business ideas. For example, bank credit, proper marketing, taking consultancy advice, storage facilities, arrange transportation service, etc.

Keep in mind, if you want to make some good money from agro-business, you must have to gain some sort of knowledge related to farming practices before developing your agricultural business ideas. Visit your local communities more often and research the potential market demand for your desired product that you want to grow. If the come out result fit your expectation, then you can create your farm business plan to start your agro-business. Make sure your plans come up with proper marketing strategy including detail financing plans and how to access all your necessary equipment with a suitable land to grow your products.

In below we have come out with 20 of the most profitable agriculture business ideas to start your creative small farm business:

Agriculture Business Ideas

1. Flower Business

Flower Business getting very popular in all over the world for its constant increasing demand for the last couple of decades. If you want to develop this kind of business, make sure to cultivate some specialty flowers as they become the hot cake in flower business.

2. Poultry Farming business

Poultry Farming has become one of the most desired farm business ideas for its constant demand. Now this poultry has adopted all these technological advantages to achieve the best production label. The annual growth has been constantly increasing in eggs and broiler industry. If you want to go for this fastest growing profitable agriculture business ideas, then start developing your farm business plan.

Agriculture Business Ideas

3. Snail Farming business

Snail farming ideas require a specific and organized knowledge to develop your farm with adopting all those new technological equipment. The concept of Snail farming basically established to run a business where you raise the land snails for human consumption. Snail contains a high amount of protein, amino acids, low fat, iron that are essential for human body.

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4. Organic Vermicompost Fertilizer Business

This Vermicompost organic fertilizer becomes one of the best agro components due to its effectiveness and eco-farming ideas. You can develop your business with a very small amount of investment. But before doing that you need to learn some practical production process lessons.

Agriculture Business Ideas

5. Fertilizer Distribution Business

Fertilizer distribution business can be very effective and profitable agriculture business ideas due to its high demand in agro-industry. Every country has put a highly monitoring cell that run by Government regulation regarding this business. You need a handsome amount to operate this type of farm business plan.

6. Organic Green House Farm Business

The idea of organic greenhouse farm business has been increased tremendously due to its organic production process and the constant demand for the organic farm products. These days we all want to have some sort of chemical free fresh vegetables in our daily meal. You will find lots of peoples are investing in this type of organic and profitable agriculture business ideas.

Agriculture Business Ideas

7. Sunflower Farming Business

Sunflower Farming can bring a huge money making business opportunity for those entrepreneurs who are passionate in agro-business. If you have a large amount of land and some dedication in crop cultivation, then starting sunflower farming business will be the best business opportunity.  You will love to see a handful oilseed to make some decent money from this business.

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8. Beekeeping for honey production business

Honey is getting so popular day by bay due to its effectiveness of keeping a good health. This Beekeeping business is a huge opportunity for them who want to start a business with low investment. You can extend your business globally as you see a rapid growth in demand for honey and products like honey wax.

Agriculture Business Ideas

9. Mushroom Farming

Mushroom farm business could mean a big business opportunity for its constant demand in the food industry. All you need is some basic ideas about the mushroom plantation and considerably a very low investment. If you have a spare space at your building, you can easily develop these profitable agriculture Business Ideas with your best interest.

10. Hydroponic Retail Store

This is an innovative plantation technology that got so popular over a decade among the farmers who want to adopt a soil free farming business. If you are passionate about plantation technique and want to build a retail store where you can sell all those innovative plantation products, this could be the best profitable business ideas with low investment.

11. Fish Farming

Fish is a good source of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D and omega -3 fatty acids. For a good health, we need to have some fish in our daily menus. Fish farming is a very lucrative business that can spin your money throughout the year. Adopting all those modern techniques and innovative formulas you can easily establish your fish farming business ideas. All you need is a decent space and moderate investment capital.

Agriculture Business Ideas

12. Shrimp Farming business

Shrimp Farming is an attractive business all over the world due to its constant huge demand. You can setup your shrimp project in the freshwater, where shrimp will enjoy their natural environment. Proper agriculture business ideas, a decent investment capital and proper knowledge about shrimp farming will boost your profit revenue.

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13. Fish Hatchery business

A fish hatchery is a business project where you artificially breed and hatching all those fish for the commercial supply. As the fish market constantly increasing its demand, definitely fish farmers will need more and more larval and juvenile fish. Your hatchery business will support this aquaculture fish industry and at the same time generate a good source of income.

Agriculture Business Ideas

14. Fruits and Vegetables Export business

You can easily start your export business by collecting the fresh Fruits and Vegetables from the local farmers. Taking the technological advantage, you can also set up an online retail store, offering the fresh and organic Fruits and Vegetables from home. All you need is some innovative business ideas, a phone and a computer along with internet connection.

15. Florist business

The florist is one of the best profitable agriculture business ideas for today’s generation. Easy operational flowers cultivation technique and its increasing demand throughout the world made this innovative business a good profitable business to pick. You also have the opportunities to establish an online delivery store where customers can easily receive their products from door-steps.

Agriculture Business Ideas

16. Green House Flower Export business

We all love flowers and this flowers business has gained an incredible reputation among the flower lovers around the world. Setting up a greenhouse for cultivating the beautiful export-oriented flowers will be the best profitable business ideas. If you are passionate about flowers and have all the necessary knowledge about modern flower export market, this Flower Export business idea could be gain all the fame you desire. Having some useful lands and substantial investment is enough to give your dream a chance.

17. Dairy Farming business

Establishing a commercial based dairy farm business will be one of the best profitable agriculture business ideas for them who want to adopt dairy farm as their business passion. Best thing is, this business has potential demand among consumers and required a low investment.

Agriculture Business Ideas

18. Livestock Feed Production business

You can easily start your Livestock Feed manufacturing business on a small scale with a low investment. As business picks its strength, you have opportunities to extend farther. This business has a great demand in the current market and you can make good money from livestock production.

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19. Piggery business

Anybody can pick this handy business as one of the best farming business opportunity for making a decent profit. Having some land and passionate about agro-business will be enough to jump into this Piggery business. After broiler, pig meat is the most popular livestock feed. The best part in, you don’t need a large amount of investment for start your Piggery business. All you need is your willingness about Piggery business and creative agriculture business ideas for developing your farm.

Agriculture Business Ideas

20. Frozen Chicken Production business

Frozen Chicken is so popular these days among all other Livestock Feed. It has an increasing demand globally and a constant demand makes this business idea a hot cake to grab. Having some decent ideas about the market will give you more confident to start this type of business. All you need is a proper plan and a very low investment.

End up with a positive thought:

Those were the 20 agriculture business ideas that I thought will be very profitable for them who want to establish their business career in the agro sector. Your dedication and passionate in farm business can give you the wings to fly in the high.  If you really want to start your farm business, so what are you waiting for?

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