What Will Homes Of The Future Look Like?

Smart technology will make it easier than ever to control your home from anywhere in the world. There are already apps that let you turn your house lights on or off, check the temperature in your refrigerator or oven, and even monitor energy usage. And we can expect to see this type of home automation expand rapidly over the next decade.

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Research shows that people want their homes to be healthy places to live and to support their health and wellbeing. This means using sustainable materials and incorporating passive design elements to reduce energy use. It’s also important that we do everything we can to minimise our carbon footprint. For more information on Sustainable Architects, go to a site like Quattro

There’s a strong trend for more multipurpose spaces in our homes. We want to be able to shift from living room to office to bedroom without moving anything. And we’ll probably see a lot more furniture that can change colour to suit our moods or even project images on the walls.

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Another key trend we’re noticing is that many people want to downsize and move closer to where they work and socialise. We’ll see a rise in four- to six-story urban dwellings near transportation lines and in mixed-use buildings where they can live above shops or restaurants. And with longer life expectancies, many people will choose to live in multigenerational homes where three generations can live under one roof. We’ll also see a return to green roofs and the removal of letterboxes in favour of smart boxes that register and secure deliveries.

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