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Whether you have a new website or are an old pro, it matters how fast you climb the ranks of the SEO ladder. Users tend to click on the top websites first, so having one that appears on the third or fourth page is a disappointment. The top websites are up there on the first page and achieve this using SEO tools. Let’s look at some tips on how to improve your ranking.

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Ensure content is relevant and high quality

You have to create content that is usable and valuable to your visitors. If you are providing useful content to readers, there is a much bigger chance that they will stay on your page for longer. Once a visitor finds that your content is relevant, there is a high probability that they will bookmark it, which automatically boosts your ranking.

Loading speed is important for SEO

If a user has to stay any longer than necessary on your page waiting for it to load, they will automatically leave the page and find a faster one. When this happens, the dwell time goes down, the bounce rate goes up, and the number of times your site is viewed will be reduced. Put these together and your SEO ranking will drop.

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Seek professional help

There are plenty of professional SEO services in London; for example, if you are looking for professional SEO services in London contact Elevate UK to boost your SEO rankings.

Use different types of multimedia content

You can use text, audio, videos and slideshows on your site. Videos are proven to be the most efficient for visitors due to how accurate they are in passing on information. Someone who is watching a video will also spend more time on your website compared with another user who is reading through the text.

Take care with the layout

What a visitor sees makes a huge difference. If you want to boost your SEO and improve your ranking, you may need to work on your website’s formatting. If the page is poorly arranged, users may leave it without even looking at the content. Use a readable font, bold and colours where needed, and try to bullet or number lists rather than relying on big blocks of text.

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