How to get a home office that inspires

When it comes to decorating your home office, it can be tricky to make it stand out and inspire when you’re on a budget. The size of the room is also a major consideration. A large room can prove problematic when decorating on a budget. The home office is an important space, where you go to work focus, or the kids use for homework or projects. Regardless of the style you choose or the size of the room, you’ll want it to be functional, relaxing and unique. Here are some ideas that suit any budget, personality or size and will make your home office stand out from the rest:

Choosing the right paint

Colour will be one of the most important decisions and the paint you choose will direct your décor, furniture and accessory choices. To make a room look bigger, choose light and neutral shades. Bright, open colours could include peach, pale yellow, baby blue, cream and mocha if you don’t like white.

Just because you have a small space, doesn’t mean you can’t go dark though. If you love a deep shade of a colour, go for it. Deeper colours can add class and opulence to a room, just remember to balance the dark with lighter furniture, curtains and ornaments so the atmosphere doesn’t get too closed in.

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Oversized Pillows

Pillows are a perfect and simple accessory addition that can brighten up a room, as well as softening it. Position a few on armchairs or guest sofas to create a level of comfort in what could otherwise be a hard room of desk lines. There are many materials, patterns and colours to choose from to blend into the colour palette of the rest of the room. You can even mix up pillow colours for a more eclectic look.

Furniture Size

The furniture you choose should be based on the size of the room. You might fall in love with a huge, executive desk or sofa but if it overcrowds the room, it will never look right. There are loads of compact furniture choices that offer a stylish and fresh look for a smaller room. Consider the Eames office Chair as a luxurious addition to any home office space as it’s both stylish and ideal for any size room. Find a range of Eames office chairs here at Pash Classics


For a home office, you’ll probably be wanting both task and overhead lighting. This is an ideal opportunity to get creative, as you can employ something sophisticated like an overhead chandelier, while having lamps or spotlights for more focused task lighting. Wall lights are another option that work well for a mixture of lighting that you can use depending on the task at hand. Whatever your choice of style or theme, remember a combination of different lighting will provide interest in a space.


You might not think mirrors are important in a room designed for work, but they greatly help in making a room feel bigger. Home office spaces are often the smallest room in the house, bar the downstairs toilet of course! That means that to maximise on natural light, hanging mirrors opposite or adjacent to a window is a great idea. Mirrors are available in a huge array of designs, from classic to contemporary and everything in between.

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