What is liquid filling?

Any business that deals with the movement of products through packaging requires liquid filling.  but simply the process is where containers or packaging are filled with liquid substances that reduce shock and damage to the items inside.  It’s primarily used by the food and beverage industry but is also popular with cosmetics and with those that ship chemicals. Liquid Filling is one of the primary services offered by https://www.wyepak.co.uk/filling-packing-services/liquid-filling/. This will enable the products to arrive safely and intact.

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There is a specific process to liquid filling and it follows these simple rules.  Firstly the container has to be put into a state of preparation. Most liquid filling containers are usually bottles, storage jars and or plastic pouches for drinks and microwavable rice. Everything must be very cleaned and sterilised.  The containers are then inspected for any impurities that may be in the container. If this is not done when the liquid is added it may well be ruined and impossible to be shipped out to suppliers and retailers.

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Large amounts of glassware is passed through the filling machine.  The machine is set to specific requirements in terms of how much product it is going to deposit in each glassware. There has to be a certain degree of air inside of the glassware before the lids are applied.  This creates a vacuum  ensuring the freshness and tastiness of the product when it is delivered to be sold.

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