6 most weird but innovative Business Ideas that might change your life forever

innovative Business Ideas

An unexpected financial crisis can generate a lot of innovation when it comes to developing some new innovative business ideas. If we take a look back in 2010 when the entire world going through an economic recession, at that time there was the highest business activities in many years according to an independent economic researcher Kaufman Foundation.

It always happens, when there are nothing left to lose or someone take a desperate attempt to do something he badly needs and it’s like a counter-intuitive. As we all know, developing creative business ideas is incredibly tough and implementing them even much harder and also very risky. More than 50 % of the new small business establishment has collapsed within the first five years and from rest of them, there are another 50% also fail in the next couple of years according to SBA (Small Business Administration).

Those figures are not good odds for everybody. But remember when things get much worse and everybody losing their jobs or even their residence, they don’t have a choice but taking the risk to at least give a try some sort of fight back. So, at that point, we can say developing new business concept doesn’t seem as risky as they might be when there are thousands of them who desperately searching for getting a job only for the living.

Some research has marked plenty of the jobs that has been considering to recession proof such as accountant, grocers, plumbers etc. Here you can also identify plenty of new weird and wacky creative business that can be survived in the down economy as well. These creative business solutions might let your eyes widen as they did to me with so much disbelief when I found them as an already proven reality!

Six of the weirdest and wacky but very effective and innovative Business Ideas that can change someone’s life forever:

 innovative Business Ideas

1. Creative ideas called Bed Bug Barrier

I bet we all have familiar to those little mites call bed bugs, if we ever been stayed in some hostel or hotel that are infested with them. Well, Tony Abrams shows how this awful condition can bring a fantastic business idea to develop. He invented a bug barrier to prevent bedbugs from coming to bite. He has developed a business named Bed Bug Barriers that sells some barriers to placing underneath of the bed legs to protect the peoples from bug biting.

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What you think it’s a crazy business? Well, He has made millions of dollars with this crazy business idea.

2. Another crazy idea is Rent-A-Chicken

I can guess what you are asking yourself: why someone would need to rent a chicken on earth?

Well here is the answer; you will find some people out there, who want to do urban farming, will definitely look for these chickens.

However, that’s a big gambling. What will you do if our expected clients don’t take those chickens? Then, you will stick with those chickens that you don’t want to keep.

To get rid of this unwanted headache Rent-A-Chicken concept has developed. In Traverse City, MI, one couple has been established a business call “Rent-A-Chicken” for them who are looking for the brood of hens for growing their farm business. You can take this amazing service for only $250.

Wacky enough? The answer is yes. Is that Useful? You can bet.

 innovative Business Ideas

3. Party cleaning Helpers

If you wake up with a situation like messed up all your room with all that trashed, nothing could be worse than that, I bet. Having all night fun with your friends and partying all weekend, your decent apartment has a look of hell now. Being so exhausted at the morning, you definitely don’t want to go make your breakfast and cleaning all that mess around. So what is the option to get all these things done? Feel like need someone’s help? Well, that’s how the innovative concepts of “Hangover Helpers” came from.

Two of the college buddies in Boulder, CO has developed a wonderful business concept for helping you on this type of crazy scenario. You just call them and they will make your home a living place again within a short possible time. The best thing you could get a breakfast burrito and a morning coffee along with them at your door stop. They will clean all your rooms and all the dirty dishes, pots and take away all your beer bottles.

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You may think, is this crazy idea actually exist in real world? Well, they have already been in the Forbes Magazine featured, they been on CBS and already did a lot of talk show. Now they have a decent business to keep them busy all year long.

4. Having a Smashing Place for anger management:

Being a human, sometimes we intentionally break the plate and stuff, when we are angry or stressed and anger goes out of control. You will love to create a scenario of hurling the things all around you and maybe throw the stuff all over the walls. Wow, that will take away all the anger and stressed in a moment and you will feel so relaxed.

Well, the whole crazy idea of this type of business “The Smashing Place” came from there. This amazing business, situated in the Tokyo city offers its clients to buy some cups or plates to smash them into the concrete wall. They can do anything they want to relieve their stress. I can imagine a crazy business like this; will definitely take a place in the city like New York.

 innovative Business Ideas

5. What else a business can come with a name I Do, Now I Don’t”

Josh Opperman’s was about to get marry a beautiful woman. He was so happy to start a new life and worked so hard for saving some money with the intention of buying a beautiful engagement ring. He bought a ring for $10000 and presented to his fiancée as a wedding gift. After three months his fiancée broke up the engagement and he has totally collapsed.  However, when he went to the jewelry shop to return it they offer his ring for only $3500. He thought that was a ridicules joke.

After that, he decided to make a website call “I Do, Now I Don’t where people’s can sell engagement ring and other jewelry stuffs to others, who need to buy them immediately and the best thing is they can buy it away cheaper than the market price.

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Now, this website has a wonderful success and already featured on world best broadcasting network like CNN, Fox news, etc.

 6. Business like The Pet Loo” is the outcome of innovative business ideas:

Taking out your pet for potty in the freezing outside, when the temperature reached below minus, it’s very painful. Again if you work for a long shift and come home being so exhausted, I am pretty sure you don’t want to go out to potty your pet.  This may happen to the senior’s citizen as well, who live with their pet but unable to take them out multiple times to potty, it’s really hard.

Above all these reasons have pushed to develop business concepts like “The Pet Loo”. The products Pet Loo is a kind of a fake grass where they put a waste containment to take way the potty and it is pretty convenience to keep it anywhere in your home or apartment.

The Pet Loo is just like a small back yard where your pet can relieve them. This business developed based on Australia, but now you can find a lot of similar products in the United States as well.

A pretty amazing idea, isn’t it?

 innovative Business Ideas

The most innovative and creative ideas to Take-Away

These were the six weirdest but innovative Business Ideas that worked for someone. So if you want to do something like that or starting a new business on your own, don’t consider the “weird” as they worked for others, they might not work for you.

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But one thing is obvious for those tricky businesses were getting all success just because of a desperate need of others.

Keep in mind, a successful business model must have to be providing the best value to its consumers in some way.

1. You have to get inspired by other entrepreneur’s success

For developing some unique business ideas, you have to take a look at your own. All successful businesses started when the creator or developer is disturbed by an unmet demand they need to fulfill.

Read the inspirational business articles to get the positivity in your idea development.

2. Make sure you write down your thought

Next, you can write out your creative business ideas and later you can resist your temptation with all the ideas to get a better analyze. If you don’t do that there is always a chance to forget the best initiative that might change your life.

3. Develop a plan to make that happen

You can easily get all the resources for beginning your own business, including all necessary tips on developing a business plan, how you can deduct the tax or how to collect free online resources, etc.

 innovative Business Ideas

Final Word before ending

Developing any kind of innovative business ideas is pretty easy and it will be a lot easier when you are doing something that you really want to care about.

Have you ever try to have weird or wacky business concepts that you might consider to go forward with? Or have you ever thought how could it turn out to be in your life?

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