Essential Parts Used in the Manufacturing Process

Industrial valves refer to the mechanical components that are used in the production of goods during the different stages of the manufacturing process. The parts include the housing, piston, pinion and compression fittings that are required for each stage in the process and determine the functioning of the valve. While the housing constitutes the integral part of the valve and is often made from metal, the piston and the pinion serve as the components that mount the housing on the shaft of the valve.

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Compression fittings make sure that the flow of gas or liquid is controlled and regulated during the process while the housing serves the purpose of absorbing any sort of excess force that is applied to the valve and maintains its shape as it functions in the process. The compression fittings are made up of a cylinder and the pins that are fixed on the outside of the cylinder direct the flow of the gas or liquid. For Industrial Valves, visit Orseal

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The housing is covered with several layers of metal parts that are bent into different shapes depending on the need of the application and the type of valve that is being manufactured. The basic function of the housing is to bear the stress of the valve and to make sure that the performance of the valve is not affected due to external factors. The piston serves the purpose of sending the air out through the valve and the pinion serves the purpose of drawing the air in the other direction through the valve. As soon as the pressure changes, these parts also tend to move in response to the pressure changes thereby allowing the flow of gas or liquid to be determined. Hence, there is a considerable amount of engineering knowledge that goes into designing and engineering the different parts of the housing.


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