Discover the best APPS for Android of this 2019!

the best APPS for Android

Discover with us the best apps for Android of 2019, being able to use them on your mobile, Tablet or on your Android TV.

For some time now Android has been one of the best-operating systems, which is linked in a war with iOS to become the best operating system. There are many reasons why Android is much more accessible and easy when it comes to downloading an application for your smartphone.

Best apps for Android in 2019

Applications allow us to do new things that we could not even imagine before.

When you need to install an application for your mobile, due to a need, Android is characterized by the competition for its easy use and accessibility to a variety of free and paid Android apps, of all categories: Communication, instant messaging, social networks, apps to download music, to watch series… In short, apps for Android are essential to get the most out of your smartphone.

 the best APPS for Android

Apps developer

The number of existing manufacturers makes the large catalog of devices do not stop increasing. We could call it a self-service, we just have to find what we need, creating an account on Google Play, on our Android phone or tablet and we can start downloading those Android apps we need.

In Android, we can enjoy fun applications, high quality, with good designs and useful. We have made a selection of some of the best apps for Android updated in 2019.

One of the apps for Android that cannot be missing is WhatsApp. It is the most used courier service in the world. At the beginning of this year, the app has improved considerably, based on updates that provide improvements and new features.

Nova Launcher is a customization application that offers endless customization options, with which you can configure the appearance of the home screen to your liking and free.

 the best APPS for Android

Google Photos

One of the best utilities for Android is Google Photos. The application organizes images and videos from Google, offering you unlimited storage in high quality, with intelligent features such as the creation of collages and albums. Also offering you the possibility of sharing photos with the rest of the users of the platform.

When we start a trip or we need to know what the route will be, what paths we will take and how long it will take to do it, Google Maps is our savior. A Google maps and navigation application is the most complete and advanced application of its category, updated frequently to be better.

 the best APPS for Android

Finally, we cannot forget an application like Pocket, that still going unnoticed, many users need it. This Android app allows us to save links, web pages or articles to see later.

Now you are updated in the world of apps, update and enjoy the best Android apps of this 2019!

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