Landline Home Phones are Still Trendy- Why You Should Go Back to Using Them

Remember the days when everyone depended on landlines for communication? Those were the good old days. You probably haven’t used a landline for a while. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 62.5% of US adults live in households with wireless-only connections. 

But you will be forgiven for thinking they are obsolete.  If you check the home phone trends, landlines are still useful and trendy. Below are more reasons why you should have a landline in your home. 

More Reliable For Emergences 

Reliability during emergencies gives home phones an advantage over cell phones.  You can argue that a cell phone using GPS can locate you even in the deep woods. But the same can’t be said when finding an exact location in an apartment. 

On the other hand, a home phone is connected to your house address which indicates the house number. Therefore, if you are in a security threat and can’t talk, the dispatcher will know precisely where to send help. In addition, a corded phone connected to a VoIP or landline works even during power outages. The best part is that home phones come with a burglary and fire sensor to alert the home security systems office. They work just fine, even during blackouts.

Tiptop Quality Call 

You know your home can get quite noisy. Well, that should be the least of your worries when using a home phone. According to Consumer Reports tests, cordless home phones have better call quality than high-end cellphones. This makes it ideal for a home office. You don’t only hear well in a noisy space, but it is also suitable if you have family members with hearing problems. 

And in some cases, cell phones lose connection in places like the garage. Cordless home phones use Bluetooth technology to give you better phone reception. It is an excellent choice for international calling. In addition, cell phones lose connection in rural areas. Even the largest cellular network in the US, Verizon, has 70% coverage.

Easy to Use

Home phones are arguably more straightforward to use during emergencies than cell phones. This means that kids can easily use and dial 911 during an emergency. New models have bigger and softer buttons, backlighting, and easily readable displays. In addition, they have an inbuilt feature that identifies the caller without necessarily going to the phone and checking the caller. You can set voicemail and have inbuilt machines for screen calls.

Save on Cost 

The cost is a moot point. A residential landline is cheaper than a whole family cell phone. While a home phone bill can go up to $30, a family use cell phone will offset you up to $90. But it all boils down to the number of uses, the service provider, and the area of residence. 

Take Away

Cellphones are great. They are portable and convenient. However, home phones fill the reliability gap, especially during emergencies. Keep an eye on other home phone trends like VoIP, which works like landlines but over the internet.   

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