Ways to Make Clients Feel More Comfortable During Meetings

Investment Options

Companies of all sizes and types host in-office meetings with clients to talk about upcoming jobs and projects. During the first meeting that you host, those clients will get an impression of your company and the way that you do business. Depending on the impression that they get, they may decide to sign a contract on the spot or check out some other companies and what they offer. When you take the time to make those clients feel more comfortable during meetings, you’ll increase the chances that they will work with you on a long-term basis.

Invest in Better Furniture

No one wants to spend hours sitting in a chair that digs into their bodies, which is why the most successful companies invest in good office furniture. The table in your conference room should be large enough that it can accommodate everyone who sits around it without visitors feel cramped or too close to others. All the chairs around that table should adjust to fit each individual. You’ll want to invest in some comfortable furniture for the lobby where clients sit before the meeting starts too.

Offer Optional Services

The more services that you offer, the more you can handle any unexpected requests that might come up later. If your meetings involve one or more people who do not speak English or are not fluent in English, you should sign up for conference interpretation services. Interpreters can translate everything you and your clients say to help all parties stay on the same page. You can arrange for transportation services to help clients get from the airport or the hotel to your office, and you may want to arrange for their flights and hotel rooms too.

Bring in Food and Drinks

When a meeting lasts for an hour or less, you should ensure that everyone in attendance has something to drink. Bottled water and coffee are the more popular options, but you may want to offer a range of cold drinks like soda and bottled juice. A coffee machine that makes single servings lets clients pick from drinks like coffee, hot tea and hot chocolate. For longer meetings, work with caterers or local restaurants to provide visitors with meals and snacks. Offering interpretation services, providing comfortable furniture and having foods and drinks ready can make clients more comfortable during meetings at your office.

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