Preparing for construction work

You will save time, money and anxiety by getting everything in order prior to the beginning of building work. This methodical approach will also help you avoid any potential problems with contractors, builders, plumbers and so on.

Step 1: Determine if you require permission or approval

Before you can continue working on your home, you may need more than one kind of approval or permit.

Always check:

Even minor repairs such as replacing doors or windows may require approval under building regulations.

Planning permission– This is usually required to build or renovate something, such as an extension.

If you use a registered contractor, your building regulation application does not have to be submitted by yourself. This scheme is approved by the Government. For Builders Bristol, contact

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You need to ask for permission or approval

If you need help applying for planning or building permits, an architect or surveyor may be required to assist you. You can apply for a Chartered Surveyor Voluntary Service if you are having trouble paying. Visit your local Citizens Advice to find out more.

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Step 2: Finding a reliable builder or contractor

Referrals and recommendations are good ways to find contractors who will do a great job. Ask for contractor references if you cannot get recommendations from friends or family. You should:

Recent examples of work similar to what you’re seeking.

It’s better to call people who had work done, as written references may not be original.

Avoid contractors that refuse to provide references. This is a sign of dishonesty.

Do a thorough inspection

It’s dangerous to hire someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, particularly for gas or electric work.

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