How to heat your home to impress prospective buyers

As the nights draw in and the temperature plummets, it’s time to turn up the thermostat in preparation for winter. But how do you ensure your heating system fits in with the style of home that buyers are looking for?  For your house to be attractive to prospective buyers you may want to consider some of the latest appliances, including designer radiators that enable you to heat your home in style. Once you have an up to date system you may find that you find a buyer quite quickly. Once you agree to buy or sell a house you will need to go through the necessary legal process of the house changing ownership. This will need to be done by a conveyancer and will take around two months to complete. There are conveyancers offering their services all over the UK. If you’re looking for a conveyancing solicitors Birmingham based company, then look no further than

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Wood burning stoves

In addition to adding warmth and making a room look inviting, stoves are a practical and energy saving heat source. Modern wood-burners can run at 80% efficiency. The latest models can be used in a fireplace, not just perched free standing in a corner of the room. There are other fuel options including coal, oil and gas. Most areas are smoke controlled, and you will need to choose a specific Defra-approved stove. The vast majority of stoves are black cast iron, but you can also find a range of enameled colours such as red, cream or blue to complement your interior design.


Nothing is more cosy than a warm, inviting fire in your home. A fireplace makes a great focal point in any room and can make a powerful design statement when paired with a stylish surround. A real fire can’t be topped, but If you have a gas supply, you can fit a log or coal effect appliance. A gas fire will provide instant heat and flames and many models are hard to distinguish from the real thing. Be aware that Gas appliances may require a gas safety check.


Just because you have central heating, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Radiators aren’t exactly known for their glamour, but things have come a long way since early models.

There are many things to consider when when choosing heating appliances for their home: style, efficiency and cost are all factors, and environmental impact is also important.

With the latest heaters, home owners are spoilt for choice. From wood burners, gas fires and chic radiators, your home will be warm as it is stylish.

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