Getting that team seating plan right.

We generally all work in teams be it out and about or in the office environment. It’s a big fact of our working life in the modern era and whilst we as humans have always worked together in groups to advance and achieve things the office is no different. The “jungle” of the office is just as much an environment as our ancestors had to deal with in some respects. You might not think that the placing of teams is that significant but you would be surprised at the results that can be gained from getting it correct.

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One thing that you can get sorted out without any issues is the comfort of the operators in your team. Operator Chairs like those available from are the perfect accompilment to your teams seating plans. If they feel happy and comfortable then its a very good start. What kind of things do we now need to consider in regard to their placement.

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There are a few ideas on placement of teams. Much is made of the circular table arrangement idea that a large round table, something akin to King Arthur’s idea will give everyone an equal footing and input. There is no head of the table format that suggests leadership or a favorite. This all depends on whether you sit with the team, of course. You might not want to create a sense of equality to that degree but for a team it does have certain advantages as being a great leveller. The other problem is that if it is a large group then communication can become stunted. It is suggested that a team of 4 with a leader separate at 5 makes for a good working arrangement.

The long table format is a better bet for a larger team. This has the crew members sat in adjacent lines to each other. It also allows for the space in the office to be maximised so that other teams can fit in. The Manager can be at the end of the line or integrated into the middle of team. There is one very big consideration that you need to have and that is the personalities of the team. Do you want to put the jokers together or have the two that plainly fancy each other sat facing? There are two ways to look at this, one it will create a sense of joviality though productivity might suffer and the young lovers will only find ways to meet up anyway so you might as well keep them somewhere where you can see them.

At least you know the chairs are sorted.

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