5 keys to creating a unique business that differs from the competition

Unique business concept

To have an ideal, cost effective and unique business, which differs from the competition and able to immediately connect with your potential customers and have the potential ability to resolving their problems seems like a dream come true for any entrepreneur. Freelancing is a unique business concept this day getting so popular among them who really wants to live well and comfortably by their professional business.


This wonderful concept for those who are committed (not those who are filled with excuses for not moving), who understand the value of services and who want to dedicate the work professionally.

However, we all know nothing can be achieved without effort, without dedication or “by chance”. You must have to put a few factors in order to be able to do it. And, let’s be honest, most professional businesses have this type of problem and these are the fundamental reason why they are stuck that they do not get customers.

Are you willing to work hard and putting this key factor ahead of you to achieve a unique business that is different from the competition and that allows you to get better customers and attract them more easily? If so, this wonderful article is for you:Unique business concept

5 keys to creating a unique business that differs from the competition

Key # 1 – Dedicate yourself to your client and try to find a niche market where you can work.

One of the first things we recommend you to target a specialized niche market. To get success in a business where offers are the professional services and the massiveness of work area may bring you the zero results. This might be the first mistake you are going to make when you decide to become independent in professionals and want to sell everything to all. To achieve your desired goal you cannot simply focus on a particular group of people, you must extend your business segment big enough and you have to go deeper, dig deeper and focus even more.

Think about it from your own perspective, you are a part of the market and you are a customer of many services. That’s why simply focus on a particular group of people is not enough. You have to go deeper, dig deeper and focus even more.

Key # 2 – You have to choose (or where possible create) a specialization.

Specialization is a strategy that gives you the clearest idea to get the perfect solution that will fit your client demand.

Now we have to focus on how to apply it by choosing a specialism which has a great demand in the market and try to focus on from the beginning to create such specialization that simply chooses one that already exists. It’s not like one day I woke up and wants to innovate something, but that’s what in general the market is asking for. Why? Because there are more people who also seeking specialization and that means that specialization has again become a commodity with nothing to stand out.

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Key # 3 – Differentiate to not be one in the market and become “the” indicated.

This is super simple. If all the options are exactly the same, then you end up choosing for a price, right? Okay, you do not want that. Competing for the price is the first step towards bankruptcy of your business. Sorry for being super direct but you’d better read it here, before starting a deadly countdown.

Your differentiator must be so powerful and your client must want to choose you with so much force that allows you to have the prices that really show the value of what you offer.

Key # 4 – Although you have a fantastic business it might not ensure you make a profit if there is no demand.

Another key point you should never forget, if what you are showing to the market is not something that your potential customer really needs, it does not generate a claim and you do not have a business that is likely to be profitable.

A fundamental point which is important to detect a specific need in your ideal client because if you do not have a need you will not going to buy. This is a very interesting concept that you can start by thinking your own. If you are talking about a service for you or your business, but that does not respond to a specific need you have today, you probably do not buy it or give it away.

Key # 5 – Your position as an expert in the market is the key to highlighting and get customers with ease.

This key is not in fifth place by chance but quite the opposite. Precisely it is imperative that you have in order and running the previous 4 keys so you can devote yourself to become more visible and stand out in the market.

Now, this is not possible if everyone does the same thing and they all are fighting for who puts it cheaper and it is also not possible for you to survive if you are one of them and you are not put it front what you are doing.Unique business concept

Key Point:

So the next time you feel that you are not an expert just ask yourself if you have the solution to your client’s problem if you can really help him and you have deep experience and knowledge on the subject. And if so, my friend, stop hiding because you are an expert in this solution.

That’s why you should never forget that your customers not only want to learn how to solve a problem but also transformed in the process.


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